Types of Bail Bond Collateral

A bail bond is a loan made to a defendant by a third party to cover the cost of bail. Bail is set by a court to ensure a defendant’s appearance at trial. Like many loans, a bail bond can be secured by collateral which can be seized if the loan is not repaid.


Common Probation Violations

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When arrested for a crime, a person will usually get a bail bond, head to court and defend his or her good name. However, once a person loses the case, they may end up with probation. Others times, after serving time in a prison, one will get out, but still have probation for a while….


What Should I Know About Receiving Stolen Property?

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People usually think of crimes as the sole actions of individuals. However, third parties are often involved. This is the case for receiving stolen property. Many people may wonder what they should do in such a situation and whether or not they could be convicted of a crime. It is indeed a crime but only…


Options For Release From Jail

After a defendant has gone through the booking process, there are a number of methods toward release.The most common route out of jail is through the bail bond, which is also known as a “surety contract.” In some cases, a defendant may not qualify for release and will need to wait for an arraignment.


Signing a Bail Bond Contract – What are Your Responsibilities?

The arrest of a friend or relative is often a chaotic and confusing time for many. During this time, you may find yourself called upon to help bail out your loved one. While bail bonds are lifesavers for people put into this financial dilemma, it’s important to understand your responsibilities as the co-signer, or indemnitor,…


LA Times Comments on California Prison Reform

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The prison population in California has been in crisis for some time, but overcrowding is once again in the news, thanks to an expose by the Los Angeles Times. The Times has reported that the 2010 plan to relieve overcrowding has backfired on the backs of the state budget and the county jail systems. Inmates…


Bail Bonds: A Beginner’s Guide

If someone should ever find themselves in need of bail, they may discover that the process can get quite confusing. There are many aspects of the bail process that should be fully understood before someone sets out to find a bail bonds agent. Here is a quick guide to bail bonds for beginners.


What is an Arrest Warrant?

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An arrest warrant is an official document signed by a judge that gives a law enforcement official the right to arrest someone who is suspected of committing a crime. The suspected criminal is put in jail with the intention of holding him or her until the trial date. Anyone who has been issued an arrest…


Crime Statistics of Sacramento, CA

The sixth largest city in California with about a half a million residents, Sacramento is the state capital and is located at the northern end of the Central Valley. A growing community, Sacramento naturally experiences its share of criminal activity during the course of any given year.