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Espinoza Bail Bonds Del Mar

Del Mar, CA, 92014
Espinoza Bail Bonds Del Mar
Del Mar, CA 92014
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Del Mar Bail Bonds

When you take out a bail bond to secure your release from county or city jail, you want it to be as affordable as possible. You ideally want it to be something that you can pay off within a matter of months if you are found guilty or plead no contest. To ensure that you get the most affordable bail bond, you need to do business with a bail bond agency like Espinoza Bail Bonds that serves the nearest jails in the area. The bail bondsman can pay the 10 percent bail amount or your full bail, whichever that the arraignment judge orders base on crime statistics and other available jail information. Even if you do not have the money in your bank account to cover your bail or bond, you can have it paid by a bail bonds agency. This agency will find out details like the jail address where you are being held and then have you bailed out within a matter of hours in most cases. The amount that you pay back will be made as affordable as possible for your situation. You will know what that amount is upfront when you sign the contract.

How to Get Bailed Out of Jail in Del Mar

The process of getting bailed out of jail in Del Mar is not overly complicated. After your arrest, you typically must appear before a judge within 72 business hours. This initial appearance involves you finding out what the initial charges are and whether or not you are being held with or without bond. After you find out how much your bail bond is, you will then be given the chance to call a bail bondsman to arrange for your bond to be paid. Most bail bond agencies have access to local court information. However, in case the bail bondsman does not know where you are being held, you will need to provide the address of the jail facility. The bondsman then comes to the jail facility to pay your bond to the jail clerk. Whether or not there is a clerk on staff will largely depend on what time of day that you have been arrested and if it is a holiday or regular business day. You may have to wait for the next business day for a clerk to be made available to collect your payment and arrange for your release from jail.

Del Mar Jail & Court Address Information

The address of where you are being jailed is important to your bail bond file. It determines how fast you can be bailed out of jail and what bail bond agents are available to come bail you out. Most law enforcement facilities provide this information to inmates upfront. When you are booked and processed into jail, you will receive an inmate handbook. Along with the rules for how you should behave while in jail, this handbook will also give specifics like the address and how to contact a bondsman. The handbook will also give you details on what hours a clerk is available for taking Bail Bonds Del Mar payments and what hours bail bondsmen can come to make these payments. Some jurisdictions have night courts available. However, most only operate during normal daytime hours and are only open during regular business during the weekdays. This means that if you are arrested on the weekend or on a holiday that you will need to wait until the next business day to be bonded out of jail. The bail bond agent should know this information and also know when and how to bail you out.

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