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Espinoza Bail Bonds Inglewood

Inglewood, CA, 90301
Espinoza Bail Bonds Inglewood
Inglewood, CA 90301
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Inglewood Bail Bonds

A bail bond is a money posted on behalf of an accused to secure their release from a holding facility. The purpose of this money is to act as surety that the accused will appear in court on the prescribed date. Failure to show up results in automatic forfeiture of the Bail Bonds Inglewood amount.

Typically, defendants who are unable to raise the bail amount can turn to bail bond companies such as the Espinoza Bail Bond Company for help. The company signs a surety bond, which states that they will bail the defendant out on the condition that the accused will appear in court.

Affordable Bail Bonds Inglewood

In Inglewood, the Espinoza Bail Bonds Company has made the bailing process affordable to its clients. An individual pays 10% of the required bail amount, and the firm pays the rest for them. This makes it much easier to secure one’s release.

What’s better, the bail bond company also offers discounts to lower the bond expenses further. As long as one is qualified for a Bail Bonds Inglewood, they are eligible for help from the company.

The payments can be broken into smaller, manageable monthly installments. This is a better alternative to paying it all at once, which can be somewhat overwhelming. The repayment plan allows one to continue with their life as one looks for ways to pay back their dues. It is a client-friendly and convenient plan.

How to Get Bailed Out of Jail in Inglewood

Once the defendant is arrested and booked at the nearest jails, the Espinoza Bail Bond Company helps bail them out provided they are qualified for bail. Bail amounts vary depending on the nature of the crime and a person’s criminal record. According to crime statistics, most accused persons are eligible for bail. Once one is granted bail, prompt processing is critical to avoid being transferred to a larger facility.

If one cannot afford the bail amount, the Espinoza Bail Bond Company can help. One can start by providing the company with the jail address or court details. The court information will help the company commence the bail application process immediately. Espinoza will then need to fill the bail bond application forms. This can be done online or over the phone. One of the company’s agents will visit the facility to bail the person or their loved one out.

The company starts working on one’s bail bond application as soon as they make contact. With Espinoza, the whole process can take approximately two hours, which is a remarkably short period. One can expect to be out of the holding facility within hours of their arrest.

The Espinoza Bail Bond Company also offers professional knowledge regarding the bail bond process. They will help answer all the bail-related questions and make the process less strenuous.

Inglewood Jail & Court Address Information

Inglewood Jail is located in California W. Manchester Boulevard. It serves as a temporary holding and booking facility. It also has a correctional facility for adults.

An individual’s visitation rights are guaranteed during their stay at the facility. They can also make a call soon after their arrest to request help in getting bail. If the bail is not posted promptly, one may be transferred to a different facility which can make it harder to be released.

The Inglewood courthouse is served by members of the jury who decide one’s verdict. A person qualifies to be a member of the jury if they are a US citizen and a resident of the county. One should also have a good understanding of English and be of 18 years of age.

The Inglewood courthouse address is:
Inglewood Courthouse,
One Regent Street, Room 404,
Inglewood, CA 90301


If an individual is having trouble raising bail, they should not hesitate to consult the Espinoza Bailing Bond Company. Their topmost priority is securing one’s release in the shortest time possible. The company also makes the process more affordable and provides any necessary jail information.

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