Sutter County Bail Schedule

Knowing how the Sutter County court and jail system work is a must when you have to post bail or spend any time behind bars. Many individuals in Sutter County¬†who have been arrested won’t even have to spend one minute behind bars before they’re allowed to post bail.

What is a Bail Schedule

A bail schedule is a set list of monetary amounts that must be paid as bail before an individual is released. A different bail amount is set for each individual crime, and while the amounts may seem very high, a bail bondsman can get you released for only a 10 percent payment of the entire bail amount.

The bail amounts have been set by the Sutter County Superior Court. In certain cases, judges can raise or reduce bail amounts depending on the severity of the crime or the individual’s criminal history.

Examples of Bail Amounts

The Sutter County bail schedule is split up into two sections: One section for felonies and one section for misdemeanors.

The highest bail amount currently set in the schedule is at $1,000,000. This bail amount is set for inmates who set off an explosive device with the intent to murder or cause mayhem. Other lesser amounts include $15,000 for grand theft and $35,000 for extortion.

If you are an accessory to a crime, you’ll likely only face a bail amount of $5,000. If you’ve been caught for writing bad checks, the bail is also set at $5,000.

Contacting a Bail Bond Agent

The best way to ensure you spend as little time as possible in jail is to contact a bail agent.

Once you or your loved one has been fully booked, a bail amount will be set. Once the bail amount is set, contacting a bail agent or having a loved one contact one on your behalf is your best option. Bail bond agents can help you get out of jail within a matter of hours, and, in some cases, can prevent you from seeing the inside of a jail cell at all.

When posting bond, an agent can help you put up the entire amount. You’ll only have to pay a 10 percent fee to secure the bond.

Bail bond agencies are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact a bail bondsman to help get you or a loved one out of jail as soon as possible.
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