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The Vital Importance Of Memorial Day

in Veteran News   One of the most celebrated American holidays, Memorial Day holds a special place in the collective consciousness of the United States. Much like Independence Day, this is one holiday that brings together Americans of various political persuasions, ethnicities and walks of life. ... Read More

A Veteran-Owned Bail Bond Business

in Veteran News Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates says veterans should have not just jobs but choices. Retired Army General Ray Odierno, however, adds that many employers seem to want to pigeonhole veterans into certain job types. Gates and Odierno agree that civilians and vets must get to know one another better to bridge the military-civilian divide. ... Read More

VA Launches New No-Cost Training Programs

in Veteran News The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) recently announced the launch of two completely no-cost training courses for veterans of all eras. The training programs, called Accelerated Learning Programs and VA Learning Hubs, are intended to assist service members in transition and veterans of all age groups. The programs promote veterans’ opportunity to learn new skills,… Read More

Honoring WW2 Veterans

in Veteran News Late January in 2015 marked an important celebration for World War II veterans. Although the bleakest parts of this world-changing war took place more than seventy years ago, those who fought for the Allied forces are still given a great deal of respect. Because of this, certain surviving soldiers were awarded a great honor in… Read More