What is Bail Jumping or Bail Skipping?

Once you’ve paid a bond agent, you’re able to walk free until your court date. But you might still have questions about the bail bond process. What happens between now and the court date? What is bail jumping or bail skipping? Read on to learn more about bail skipping and what the consequences are if…


What is Bond Revocation?

The judge revokes someone’s bail for a variety of reasons, but before a person gets released on bail in California, they should first understand how they have to meet all the bail conditions. Before the arrested person gets released, they must first appear before the judge to set the terms of the bail. The bail…


What Is Forfeiture in Regards to Bail Bonds?

A bail bond is a service that helps to keep people out of jail when the authorities have accused them of a misdemeanor, felony, non-violent crime or something different. The judge may require the accused to pay a bail to get released until the court date because of the nature of the crime or his…


No Down Payment Bail Bonds in California

Going to jail is a scary experience. California is known for having some of the toughest jails in the country. If a family member calls from jail and can’t afford bail, then it is common to feel compassion and want to help. Read on to find out how to bail someone out of jail with…


List of Common Terminology for Bail Bonds

Understanding the process of bail is best done before that time when a person and their family are going through the stress associated with being arrested. After the arrest and processing by the police, the accused will have to face a judge. The judge will decide whether they will be granted bail and at what…


Common Questions about Bail

What is bail?  If you are arrested for a serious crime, the court will want to make sure that you will return for all proceedings. For those who can show to the court that they have substantial contacts within the community and are very unlikely to slip away, they may get released on what is…


Motorcycle Accidents

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you might be taken into custody and charged with one or more crimes depending on how the accident occurred.


How to Be a Good Neighbor

“Love thy neighbor.” It’s fantastic advice, but sometimes it’s easier said than done; after all, it’s not like you get to choose who lives next door.