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What is personal recognizance bond?

in Bail Bonds, Laws Thousands of people are arrested every year and face a troublesome situation. They are often charged amounts of bail that they cannot pay and would ruin them financially. These individuals trust the services of bail bondsmen in order to make sure that they are able to get out of jail as soon as possible. But… Read More

5 Traits of a Good Bail Bonds Agent

in Bail Bonds From time to time, we all need a little help. Sometimes it can be more serious than others. In the case of getting arrested, sometimes you may need to get the financial assistance of a bail bonds agent. However, if you've never been arrested before, you may not understand the process. To help you get… Read More

Guide to Posting Bail in Los Angeles, California

in Bail Bonds Posting bail in Los Angeles can be a harrowing process. It can take a considerable amount of time and effort to find the best bail agency in LA and navigate the massive city's bureaucracy. A wide variety of individuals are in despair and distressed about the prospect of getting out of jail before trial. Thousands… Read More

Bail Bonds Los Angeles – Process and Requirements

in Bail Bonds Thousands of individuals are arrested in the city of Los Angeles every year. These individuals sometimes languish in jail for months before their court dates. This process is detrimental to their mental health and the general strength of their defense. One particularly strong way that individuals can escape this process is by posting bail with… Read More

Co-Signing Bail Bonds – Complete Informative Guide

in Bail Bonds An arrest is often a particularly traumatic moment in an individual's life. They may be lost and uncertain about how to proceed forward. All relevant research suggests that they will have the best chances to improve their lives and beat their charges if they are out of jail. However, getting out of jail sometimes requires… Read More

Bail Bonds for Misdemeanor Charges

in Bail Bonds Individuals who are arrested for misdemeanor charges face a large set of challenges. There may be an impact on their freedom or their ability to secure employment and housing. Individuals may also be ostracized and have to redeem their online reputations. But there is a step that people can take to diminish their liability and… Read More

What is Bail Jumping or Bail Skipping?

in Bail Bonds Once you've paid a bond agent, you're able to walk free until your court date. But you might still have questions about the bail bond process. What happens between now and the court date? What is bail jumping or bail skipping? Read on to learn more about bail skipping and what the consequences are if… Read More

What is Bond Revocation?

in Bail Bonds The judge revokes Bond Revocation someone's bail for a variety of reasons, but before a person gets released on bail in California, they should first understand how they have to meet all the bail conditions. Before the arrested person gets released, they must first appear before the judge to set the terms of the bail.… Read More

What Is Bond Forfeiture in Regards to Bail Bonds?

in Bail Bonds A bail bond is a service that helps to keep people out of jail when the authorities have accused them of a misdemeanor, felony, non-violent crime, or something different. The judge may require the accused to pay bail to get released until the court date because of the nature of the crime or his or… Read More