Military-Friendly Firms

Those who serve the country sacrifice for the freedom of others.  After spending years in the military, veterans need real, concrete jobs and services, upon returning to civilian life. Veterans also require training to turn their military occupations into civilian employment. Veterans want, above all, the opportunity to remain assets to their communities.

Military-Friendly Firms Nationwide

The media refers to companies that truly make efforts to help veterans and active duty service members as “military-friendly firms.” Again, these are not just those who make mere references to honoring the military community, but those that have specific programs, initiatives, and preferences set up for veterans to improve their lives.

In the current economic environment, attaining and keeping a job is a priority for all Americans. Veterans often find that the competition is too intense for them. This is not because they lack talent; instead, some employers may not understand how the skills learned in the military can make a veteran valuable to their company.

Military-friendly firms seek out those who have served because they understand that these people have leadership potential and initiative. Some companies that made the recent Victory Media annual list of the 100 most military-friendly firms, hire veterans to refill employee ranks depleted by retirements. As Baby Boomers come of age, they are leaving the workforce in record numbers. Younger men and women, who leave the military in good physical and mental condition, are wise replacements. Nationwide, USAA, CSX, and Deloitte hold the top three positions on the military-friendly list, respectively.

An Example of Being Military-Friendly in Sacramento

One local business that makes an effort to hire veterans is Espinoza Bail Bonds in Sacramento, California. Owned by Jose Espinoza, himself an Army veteran of almost twenty years, the company is one of the most military-friendly in the Sacramento area. Veterans seeking employment receive a fair reading of their resume by Espinoza Bail Bonds. Proud of his years of service, Jose Espinoza understands the good qualities embedded into each service member.

The company also goes beyond employing veterans to providing a valuable service. Veterans and active-duty personnel who find themselves in legal trouble can expect a sympathetic hearing from Espinoza Bail Bonds. Loved ones can count on Jose Espinoza to do everything within his professional power to get the individual released from jail as soon as possible.

In this era, in which America always seems to be involved in some sort of military action, one might think veterans would be treated with due respect. That is not always the case, unfortunately. Nevertheless, some businesses go beyond the norm to earn the label of being military-friendly. They provide special attention to those who have done so much to preserve American democracy. Espinoza Bail Bonds is one such company that prides itself on providing a welcoming environment for those who put their lives on the line to ensure peace at home.
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