Disturbing the Public Peace

When asked, most individuals define the act of disturbing the public peace as an annoyance of having someone playing loud music or speaking very loud in public. Most state residents and tourists do not realize that in the state of California, Disturbing the Public Peace is a real crime taken seriously by law enforcement and involves more than voluminous levels of noise.

CA Penal Code 403

CA Penal Code 403 is dedicated to the crime of Disturbing the Public Peace.  An individual who openly threatens to do harm to another individual, or group of individuals, can be charged with Disturbing the Public Peace, and might therefore require the help of a bondsman. The same is true if someone publicly speaks out encouraging other individuals to disrupt the peace or riot. Fighting in public is another violation of the law. A disruption of normal campus activities on the property of an educational facility is also viewed as a violation of the public peace.


Someone charged with Disturbing the Public Peace will be taken to a police station, booked with the crime and put in a jail cell. If an individual is found guilty, he or she may be subjected to a number of penalties that could include monetary fines and time in jail. A criminal conviction can impose a negative impact on a person’s credit rating, employment, and character reliability.

The last thing a person charged with this crime wants to do is to spend time in jail. The longer it takes someone to obtain a release from custody is that much less time a person has to find assistance in formulating his or her defense. If an individual does not have the means to fully pay for a bond that will allow him or her to be released, a wise choice would be to seek the assistance of a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman understands both the state and county laws and can help to expedite the process of getting someone released from custody. Being accused of a crime does not make a person guilty. The sooner someone is able to secure his or her release, the sooner he or she will be able to seek professional help to resolve the situation. Once released, the individual will be able to engage the services of an attorney who may be able to help the accused with his or her legal options.