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Espinoza Bail Bonds Poway

Poway, CA, 92064
Espinoza Bail Bonds Poway
Poway, CA 92064
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Poway Bail Bonds

A bail bond is a resource that is used to get people out of jail before they go to trial or are sentenced for offenses for which they have been found guilty. The amount of a person’s bail bond will largely depend on details like the nature of his or her offense as well as city, county, or state crime statistics. Some people’s bail amounts will be significantly high while others may be moderate and more affordable.

Regardless, the amount that the judge orders for your bail or bond can be too high for you to afford. Further, the judge may require that the bail or bond come from a third-party entity like a bail bond agency like Espinoza Bail Bonds. When you are required to post a bail or bond to get released from jail, you can call a bail bond agent for help.

The bail bond agent that you call typically will have access to a variety of court information, such as where you are being held or the jail address of where he or she needs to post your bail or bond payment. He or she may also be on good terms with law enforcement in the jail facility and know-how to streamline the process of bailing or bonding you out.

How to Get Jailed Out of Jail in Poway

The jail information for getting bailed or bonded out of jail is nearly uniform in every location. After you find out what you have been charged with and how much your full bail is, you can typically call a bail bond agent within a matter of hours after your court appearance. Most bail bond agencies serve the nearest jails to them. The bail bond agents can get to where you are incarcerated in a matter of hours, if not sooner. The bail bond agent can then come to your jail facility and pay 10 percent of your bail amount, which is called a bond. The bond serves as a guarantee that you will appear at all of your court dates.

If you show up and comply with the due process, the bond amount will be canceled if you are deemed innocent of the charges, or the charges against you are dropped. If you do not appear in court or you are found guilty, you will be required to pay back the full amount of your bail. A new arrest warrant will be issued for your arrest should you do not make your appearance in court as scheduled.

Poway Jail & Court Address Information

The address and information for the court are going to be critical for your ability to post bail or bond quickly. The bail bond agency needs to know where you are being held in order to bail or bond you out the same day that you make the call. It is important that you have this information on hand just in case the bail bond agent does not have it available at the time of your call.

You also need to know if the city or county where you are being held has night court or if you must wait until the next business day to appear before a judge. If it has night court, chances are that the bail bond agent can post your bail or bond anytime day or night. There is usually a clerk on staff to take the payment.

However, if there is no night court in your city or county, you may not be able to post bail or bond until the next business day. The clerk that takes payments may only be on staff during regular business hours. The bail bond agent should know this information beforehand.

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