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Affordable Bail Bonds in Lancaster, CA

Espinoza Bail Bonds serves people in Lancaster and across the Antelope Valley. The bail bonding company assists individuals seeking to bail themselves (or a loved one) out of jail. In most criminal court proceedings today, a judge (or a magistrate) sets detailed bail requirements.
Defendants who meet the terms of the bail bond receive permission from the court to leave jail while awaiting an upcoming court proceeding. Meeting bail requirements proves very valuable. It may offers the accused a better opportunity to prepare a court case. Espinoza Bail Bonds offers fast, knowledgeable services in Lancaster, CA. The company supplies affordable bail bonding services across Southern California.

Getting Bailed Out of Jail in Lancaster

Crime statistics suggest Lancaster maintains one of the highest crime rates in California. The FBI reported crime in Lancaster dropped slightly during 2018. Recently, the popular Neighborhood Scout Website gave Lancaster a score of only 13 (out of a possible 100) in terms of safety from crime. Far more property crimes occur in Lancaster than violent crimes, however, according to recently published FBI statistics.

The procedure for getting bailed out of jail in Lancaster depends upon many circumstances. The nature of the charges, the age of the defendant, and the defendant’s immigration status all prove significant. In some cases, state or federal laws determine the availability of bail. The requirements for bail also vary based upon an accused person’s history. Defendants should speak with a licensed California attorney regarding the types of information required by a court. Before contacting Espinoza Bail for assistance, a customer should try and collect some basic information:-

  • The correct legal name and date of birth of the accused;
  • Any court order concerning bail;
  • The nature of the legal charges;
  • The location of the jail and the court, and the name (if applicable) of the defendant’s attorney.

Lancaster Jail And Court Address Information

Perhaps due to the high crime rate in Lancaster, several detention centers operate in this community. People hoping to bail an accused person out of jail may call the facility’s business office to obtain basic jail information and the jail address. Some of the nearest jails in Lancaster, CA include:

  1. The Lancaster Sheriff’s Station and Jail at 501 W. Lancaster Boulevard in Lancaster, CA;
  2. The Mira Loma Detention Center at 45,100 60th Street in West Lancaster, CA 93536;
  3. The California State Correctional Facility For Men (a facility for incarcerated inmates serving sentences).

Typically, the Mira Loma Detention Center houses people accused of violating immigration laws. In most cases, people seeking bail obtain helpful information by contacting the local Sheriff’s Department business office at 661-272-2400 during regular daytime business hours.

Many municipal, state, and federal courts operate in California. The nature of the charges determine where a defendant must appear for trial. In many cases, court trials will take place in other communities in Los Angeles County. However, Lancaster does maintain the Alfred J. McCourtney Juvenile Justice Center. Some proceedings involving juvenile defendants take place at this local facility. It reportedly stands at 1040 W. Avenue J in Lancaster, CA 93534.

The order issued by the judge who sets bail typically provides court information about further legal proceedings in a criminal case. A defendant should make sure to confirm the time and the date of any pending hearings. If in doubt, the business office of the local Lancaster Sheriff’s Department offers assistance confirming this information.

No, you cannot bailout someone when you are on probation because you are being convicted for an offense or crime. Getting a professional bail agent service is advised.

No, you cannot go to jail for violation of probation because not every probation violation results in jail time. There are several factors that play an important role in sentencing. If the person has a history of violation of probation & or crimes, then Judge can consider jail time according to the laws of the state. 


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