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Why Post Bail Quickly?

in Bail Schedule The importance of posting bail promptly and the consequences of failing to do so When someone is arrested and charged with a crime, they may be able to post bail in order to be released from jail prior to their trial. Posting bail allows individuals to return to their families and jobs while they await… Read More

Sutter County Bail Schedule

in Bail Schedule Knowing how the Sutter County court and jail system work is a must when you have to post bail or spend any time behind bars. Many individuals in Sutter County who have been arrested won't even have to spend one minute behind bars before they're allowed to post bail. ... Read More

Tulare County Bail Schedule

in Bail Schedule Individuals recently arrested in Tulare County, California could be subject to the bail schedule published by the Tulare County Superior Court. Once an individual is charged with a crime, a person can refer to the bail schedule if officials deem them eligible to leave prison on bail until the beginning of an official trial. ... Read More

Shasta County Bail Schedule

in Bail Schedule The Shasta County Bail Schedule makes it possible to know the set bail amounts for specific violations of the law. Not all offenses require a hearing before an individual can be released from jail. Bail is a payment that can be made to the court to arrange for a person's release from a penal institution… Read More

Sacramento County Bail Schedule

in Bail Schedule Many people have never seen any part of the justice system firsthand. Their only experience with courts is what they see on TV. When arrested, one of the first things somebody needs to understand is how the bail process functions. Before trial, the accused can frequently remain free to work and prepare a defense until… Read More

Oroville Bail Schedule (Butte County)

in Bail Schedule While most Americans believe that the system is inherently fair, this is not always the case. The media routinely covers stories of people who were later found to have been wrongfully convicted. Justice is possible only for people who are able to build an effective defense, which is impossible while a person is in jail.… Read More

Modesto Bail Schedule (Stanislaus County)

in Bail Schedule It is important for even the average, law-abiding citizen to possess at least a basic knowledge of the criminal justice system and the bail bonds process. Anyone, either falsely accused or ignorant of the law, could potentially be charged with a crime one day. ... Read More

Merced Bail Schedule

in Bail Schedule The Superior Court of Merced County implemented the Merced County Bail Schedule to assist in enhancing the administration of justice in that California jurisdiction. Specifically, the Merced County Bail Schedule is designed to permit the more equitable and efficient processing of bond applications when a person has been arrested in Merced County. ... Read More

Marysville Bail Schedule (Yuba County)

in Bail Schedule The essential purpose of the Yuba County Bail Schedule is to provide an arrested and detained person, his or her family members and a bail bonds service with uniform information about bail amounts. The Yuba County Bail Schedule is established by the Superior Court and is reviewed from time to time. ... Read More