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Espinoza Bail Bonds Lemon Grove

Lemon Grove, CA, 91945
Espinoza Bail Bonds Lemon Grove
Lemon Grove, CA 91945
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Lemon Grove Bail Bonds

When you have been arrested and booked into jail, the last thing that you want to do is spend weeks or months away from your home and family. You want to get back to somewhat of a normal life as quickly as possible.

To get you back home with your loved ones, you need to post your Bail Bonds Lemon Grove or bond first. However, posting this money can be more than you or anyone in your household can afford. You also may not have any assets that you can sell to raise the cash quickly.

Your best option is to contact a professional bail bonds company like Espinoza Bail BondsBail bondsmen are accustomed to serving defendants being housed in the nearest jails. They have access to local court information to find out how much your bail bond is and who is presiding over your case.

You could be out of jail and back home within a matter of hours. Your bail bond will also be as affordable as possible based on crime statistics like how many victims you allegedly targeted or how many people are currently being detained in jail. You also may be allowed to make payments on your bond.

How to Get Bailed Out of Jail in Lemon Grove

The process of getting bailed out of jail is relatively fast and straightforward. If you are required to have a cash or signature bond, you may only need to post 10 percent of your bail amount. For example, if your bail is $5000, you only need to post $500 to get out of jail.

The bail bondsman will find out jail information like the jail address and the hours that a clerk is on duty to take your bail bond payment. If you are being held in a location that does not have night court or a 24-hour jail clerk on staff, you may have to wait until the next business day to be bailed out of jail.

After you are bailed out, you will need to meet with the bail bondsman to go over the terms of your release. Your bail bondsman may require that you come home directly after work or school, for example. You may also need to test clean for drugs or alcohol while you are out on bail. If you violate the terms of your bail or bond release, you could be arrested and sent back to jail.

Lemon Grove Jail & Court Address Information

The information for the jail and courthouse is important for your bail or bond case. The bail bondsman will need this information prior to bailing or bonding you out of jail. While most bail bondsmen have this information on hand, others may need to get it from you, particularly if you are being held in a county outside of where the bail agency is located or even out of state.

You typically will receive this information during your booking process. After you are fingerprinted and photographed, you will receive a county or city jail inmate handbook. The handbook will have the contact details of the jail facility and the address where the bail bondsman can come to and bail you out.

When you make a phone call to a bail agency, you need to have this handbook on hand. You can tell the bondsman where you are being held, whether or not there is a clerk available for taking the payment of the bonds, whether or not you have been arraigned or made your first appearance and how much your bail is.

After getting this information, the bail bondsman can arrive within a matter of hours to bail you out. You can be on your way home relatively quickly.

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