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Espinoza Bail Bonds provides bail bond services to inmates detained in all jails located in the greater Lodi area. We specialize in getting people out of jail FAST and have flexible payment options. If your friend or loved one is in jail, please contact us at (209) 248-6740 or complete the form below for immediate assistance, and a no obligation free consultation.

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The Espinoza Fairfield Bail Bonds Office is conveniently located at:
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Bail Bond Agents in Lodi

Our Lodi bail bond agents are qualified bondsman with experience writing bail bonds to get people out of jail fast. All of Espinoza Bail Bond Agents, Bail Bonding Agents and Bail bondsmen are here to serve you. The bail bonding agent facilitates the process of sending the bond to the jail for a timely release. Give us a call at (209) 248-6740 we are ready to talk to you 24 hours a day.

The city of Lodi is a gorgeous city to be in, but it can quickly become a place of devastation from just a single run-in with the police. Bail bond companies are in town so that people can enjoy everything that the city has to offer from the Lucas Winery to the Micke Grove Zoo.

Citizens can get bail bonds in Lodi so that they can get out of the Lodi jail. Crime accusations leave many people behind bars in the Lodi court because the judge decides for one reason or another that they must pay bail for their release. He may place the bail on the case because of the accused person's criminal history, a past bail-jumping experience or simply because the nature of the crime is heinous. Accused persons who cannot pay bail then have to wait in jail until their court cases come up. This could leave them in jail for months, and they could lose their jobs, homes and families in the process. Lodi bail bond companies came on the scene because they wanted to assist people who wanted to be with their families until they could show up for court and defend themselves.

To get bail bonds in Lodi, a defendant or someone who cares about the defendant can contact a provider and request help. The provider will ask for some personal information from the person and then he or she will request a small down payment. Collateral is sometimes necessary. The bondsman may ask for an automobile title, home deed or something like that just to ensure that the defendant will come to court when the date arises.

As soon as the applicant pays the down payment and provides the collateral, the bail bond company will send someone out to set the defendant free. All collateral holds will be resleasd when the case concludes.

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215 W. Elm Street, Lodi, CA

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