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Affordable Bail Bonds Burbank, CA

After an arrest, most people are unable to pay the full bail amount right away. This means being stuck in custody much longer than necessary. Someone can await trial for months or even years if they are unable to obtain the bail amount.

People who can afford to pay bail return to their homes right away. This presents inequality based on socio-economic status. Crime statistics vary greatly amongst different groups. Fortunately, an imprisoned person can receive the support of professionals who dedicate themselves to helping people to quickly be released and safely return to their families.

Espinoza Bail Bonds provides affordable and simple options that effectively pay bail for clients being held by police. The company has a strong network of contacts that work with area law enforcement.

Working with a licensed and experienced bail bonding service is an important component for getting out of with little or no money following an arrest. Our bail bonds experts ensure the whole experience is as organized and stress-free as possible. The outcome is greatly influenced by how quickly one asks for the right support.

How To Bail Out in Burbank, CA

An arrest can be a difficult experience for anyone, but especially for those who lack the full amount of money set for bail. Courts will accept cash or properties as a sign of good faith for a person to return to make his/her appearance in court. In order to post bail, one must give the court cash or a piece of real estate. The arrestee probably wants to make bail immediately and safely wait to appear in their scheduled court date. The bail may be returned after the person returns to court as promised. However, if a person fails to appear in court, a warrant for an arrest is made and the person is returned to custody. The amount set for bail is determined by a judge. Most of the nearest jails have a bail schedule that shows the bail amount set for common crimes. A bail bondsman can be used if the person arrested is unable to pay on their own. California is a state that permits a bail bondsman to bail out a person. If the person being arrested knows that he/she will not be able to pay bail, the bail bondsman can appear in the arraignment to speed things up and ensure the person gets released as soon as possible.

Burbank, CA Court, and Jail Information

The Burbank facility is operated by the Burbank Police Department and it is used to temporarily hold people who have been arrested.

The jail address is detailed below:

Burbank Police Department
200 North Third Street
Burbank, CA 91502

To determine if someone is held in the Burbank Police Department, their online portal is available for a search under “Inmate Information” The following information is available:

  • Date of the arrest.
  • Detention location.
  • Booking number.
  • Description of charge.
  • Bail amount, if granted.

Burbank Court Address appears on the line below:

300 E Olive Ave, Burbank, CA 91502

*Additional court information available online. Burbank is much easier to process bails than in large county facilities. Bail bondsmen are available 24/7 to assist people who have been arrested. A licensed and experienced bail bonds agent knows their way around Burbank law enforcement and works fast to help clients before they are transferred to county locations where their situation will become more complicated. When in need to post bail, it is crucial a bondsman familiar with Burbank information should be called as soon as possible to avoid spending a long time in custody.

The percentage of the bail bonds premium is 10% typically. But some charges about 8% of the total amount.

In some cases, the bail bonds process only took a couple of hours. But if you can't post bail money you will stay in jail until your hearing is ended, this can be a long process depending upon the complexity of 

If you follow the rules, a bail bondsman can enter the fugitive property. According to the agreement, the bounty hunter is also allowed to enter the property to re-arrest the fugitive in case if you try to run from hearings.


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