Sacramento County Bail Schedule

Many people have never seen any part of the justice system firsthand. Their only experience with courts is what they see on TV. When arrested, one of the first things somebody needs to understand is how the bail process functions. Before trial, the accused can frequently remain free to work and prepare a defense until a trial occurs.

Once an arrest is made and the accused is booked, a bail will be set. This bail represents an amount of money (based on the severity of the crime and decided by the Sacramento County Superior Court) that must be provided as a security to ensure that the accused will stand trial. Bail amounts can vary from as low as $1,000 for minor crimes to as high as $2,000,000 for very serious crimes. What’s important to remember, though, is the benefit provided by a bail bond company or bail bond agent. A bail bond can be secured for as little as ten percent of the bail amount. This is where the bail schedule is useful. The bail schedule provides a list of possible crimes and their bail amounts as set by the Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento. Remember, of course, though, that a bail bond agent can secure bail for as little as 10% of the posted bail amount. For example, somebody arrested and booked for possession of marijuana faces a $3000 bail and would be able to achieve (at least temporary) freedom for $300. Somebody charged with possession of immediate precursors to manufacture PCP, however, faces a $75,000 bail or $7,500 bond amount.

Although bail will be set at the time of booking, if a friend or loved one has been arrested, the bail schedule can help to prepare a family to meet the financial obligations of bail. The bail schedule also explains what happens when multiple charges are made. Sometimes, the highest bail amount applies and sometimes the amounts can add up. Armed with the amount due, plans can be made and a bail bond company or agent located. Thanks to the bail bond process and bail amount information provided in the bail schedule, there is no reason that somebody arrested for a crime in Sacramento County can’t enjoy freedom while waiting for and during trial. It is, however, important to remember that all court appointments and trial dates must be kept. Since life goes on even after an arrest has been made and people are innocent until proven guilty, the bail bond process ensures that the accused can go about their normal routine and continue to work at a job and earn money while preparing a suitable defense for their upcoming trial.
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