National Veterans Small Business Week

It’s one of the most important designations proposed in decades: President Barack Obama chose a week in November to call attention to small businesses launched by veterans who have returned home to grab their share of the American Dream. National Veterans Small Business Week (NVSBW) is more than just a week of commercial activity: It’s also a chance to thank veterans for all they have sacrificed and to support the business launches that follow their distinguished service to this country.

Special Events for NVSBW

To launch the first observance of what’s to be an annual event, the Small Business Administration (SBA) partnered with various veterans groups to hold events around the nation, including classes, media events and round table discussions showcasing the unique talents and challenges today’s veteran faces when he leaves the military and considers opening a small business.

One of the most high-profile media events of all was staged on the ABC Emmy Award-winning TV show Shark Tank where vets with clever business ideas pitched their start-up ideas to established entrepreneurs with millions of dollars in the hopes of receiving funding for their ideas.

But once the first NVSBW ended, the biggest job of all began for the people supporting this important initiative: Emphasizing the importance of patronizing veteran small business owners during the other 51 weeks of the year!

For those eager to undertake this crusade, the job won’t be difficult. Veterans possess better than average technical skills, discipline and leadership ability and they’ve been trained to make critical decisions with wisdom and poise. For the more than 21 million American vets (and 250,000+ transitioning service members), this means remarkable opportunities to begin anew thanks to infusions of capital, training and counseling offered by the SBA in concert with the NVSBW initiative.

Jose Espinoza’s Experience

How important is it to veterans to receive such critical exposure? Just ask Jose Espinoza, a veteran who served in the U.S. Army for over 19 years. When he left the service, his transition included going back to school to earn a master’s degree in business administration from California State University in Sacramento. Pairing his unique military experience in management and operations with his education, he launched Jose Espinoza Bail Bonds, serving a unique market in his hometown. It’s been a labor of love and a remarkable success story for a young man who had no clue what the future held when he left the military.

These days, Jose Espinoza Bail Bonds serves the entire Sacramento County area. Of particular note is Espinoza’s empathy for and support of the people he encounters during his job: Some of the people he runs into during the course of doing his job are also veterans. But anyone needing his services can be sure they’re receiving top quality service, respect, fair treatment and affordable rates, no matter their military status.

“I’m as proud to serve my community as I was to serve my country,” says Jose Espinoza, whose primary mission is helping people every day of the week and proving to the community at large that veteran-owned small businesses are not just successful but essential to the American economy.

“When I was a captain in the Army, a lot depended on my decisions and the way I conducted myself,” he recalls. “I feel the same way every day that I represent the typical American veteran who has made a great life for myself and my family. I hope that in the years ahead, National Veterans Small Business Week becomes as important to shoppers as Black Friday.” With veterans like Jose Espinoza representing this movement, that goal seems likely to happen!
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