What is a Grand Jury?

Although many criminal cases begin with the arrest report filed by a police officer, the case can begin with an indictment by a grand jury. Defendants typically indicted by a grand jury are those who have been charged with a felony.


California Court System

When the state of California was being formed, its constitution defined the structure, hierarchy as well as regulations associated with its judiciary.


Sacramento Juvenile Courthouse

Located in Southwestern Sacramento, the Juvenile Courthouse serves as the main location for departments of the Sacramento Superior Court’s Juvenile Delinquency Division. In addition to handling juvenile trials and hearings, the Courthouse also provides pretrial hearings for juveniles who are to be tried as adults. They also manage support processes such as calendar preparation, payment…


What to Expect When Going to the Gordon D. Schaber Courthouse

Gordon D. Schaber Courthouse serves as the main location for hearings for Sacramento County. The courthouse was originally built in 1965. It received the current name in a ceremony in 2002. The courthouse is named after a community advocate, philanthropist and legal scholar. Gordon D. Schaber was also the dean of the McGeorge School of…


William R. Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse

The William R. Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse is one of the newest buildings in the Sacramento County court system. The courthouse was officially opened to the public in February of 2000. The building is named after a popular judge who sat on the bench for over 13 years. William Ridgeway eventually ascended to the position…