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Espinoza Bail Bonds provides bail bond services to inmates detained in all jails located in the greater Temecula area. We specialize in getting people out of jail FAST and have flexible payment options. If your friend or loved one is in jail, please contact us at (951) 223-9605 or complete the form below for immediate assistance, and a no obligation free consultation.

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The Espinoza Temecula Bail Bonds Office is conveniently located at 45358 Zuma Dr, Temecula, CA 92592.

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Our Temecula bail bond agents are qualified bondsmen with experience writing bail bonds to get people out of jail fast. All of Espinoza Bail Bond Agents, Bail Bonding Agents and Bail bondsmen are here to serve you. The bail bonding agent facilitates the process of sending the bond to the jail for a timely release. Give us a call at (951) 223-9605 we are ready to talk to you 24 hours a day.

When you're arrested, you'll go before a judge who will determine how much, if any, you need to pay to the court to be released on bail. There are a number of factors that the judge will consider when deciding on the amount. These factors may include things such as the severity of the crime, your prior criminal record, whether or not you're employed, and how big of a flight risk you are perceived to be.

Bail is typically set high so you'll come to court to get most of it back. Because of this, most people aren't able to afford to open their wallets and hand the cash over. This is why there are agents that provide bail bonds in Temecula, CA. When hiring a bail bondsman, you'll pay a percentage of the total bond, which they will keep, and they'll put up your bond for you.

Most jails will have a list of bondsmen that can be called. If they don't, Most friends or family members will be willing to find one for you. After that, you simply call the bondsman, tell them your charges and your bail amount and they will come to the jail with paperwork for you to fill out.

Once your paperwork has been completed, your bail will be posted with the courts.

Temecula s a city in southwestern California, bordered by the City of Murrieta to the North and the Pechanga Indian Reservation and San Diego County to the south. The City of Temecula forms the southwestern anchor of the Inland Empire region. The city is a prominent tourist destination, with the Temecula Valley Wine Country, Old Town Temecula, the Temecula Valley Polo Club, the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival, the Temecula Valley International Film Festival, championship golf courses, and resort accommodations attracting a significant amount of tourists which appreciably contributes to the city's economic profile.

Bail Bonds Temecula

The common cost of bail is a typical 10% of the posted amount set by the judge. As many posted bails tend to reach at least $1000, a minimum $100 bail posting is expected. This amount could vary from state to state. Some states require 10% for the state but 15% for federal bail amounts, while others have a flat 15% rate for all bail amounts

The time to initiate the bail bond process could be as quick as placing a phone call or contacting a trusted bail bond agent online, and there is usually 24/7 access to a bail agent. The actual time between jail intake and release would depend on the procedures of the booking facility and the number of detainees. The typical order of getting out for bail is a first in, first released rotation. This could span from a number of minutes to a matter of hours, especially on evenings, weekends and holidays.

Bail bonds have some legal rights like they can request the court for an arrest warrant & have an order by the court to pay the debt owned to them. If you are unable to pay your bail bonds debt then your wages can be garnished.


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