Shasta County Bail Schedule

The Shasta County Bail Schedule makes it possible to know the set bail amounts for specific violations of the law. Not all offenses require a hearing before an individual can be released from jail. Bail is a payment that can be made to the court to arrange for a person’s release from a penal institution until that person’s trial.

What are bail bonds?

Bail bonds are surety bonds. They are secured by paying a percentage of the full bail amount in order to arrange for an individual’s release before trial. This amount is usually 10% of bail set by the court. Bail bonds guarantee the entire bail amount if the person being charged does not comply with the terms of his or her release.

What is a bail schedule?

A bail schedule is a list of offenses and the associated bail amounts set by the Superior Court. Because offenses vary in seriousness, bail amounts can vary significantly for different types of crimes.

What are specific bail amounts?

For certain offenses, no bail will be set. The individual must remain in jail until trial. These charges include first and second-degree murder. For other very serious offenses, bail will be set at a very high amount to make it unlikely that the individual will post bail. The bail schedule for various offenses lists bail amounts that range from $100 up to $5 million.

Bail for misdemeanor charges

The following presents an overview of some of the bail amounts associated with different codes predetermined in the Shasta County Bail Schedule. It may be important to note that in the event of several simultaneous misdemeanor charges, the bail limit will be the highest bail amount for anyone misdemeanor. The preset bail for misdemeanor charges ranges from $100 to $7,500. The higher misdemeanor bails are associated with prior violations. The lower amounts are for lesser violations. Begging, for example, carries a $100 bond. Driving without a license has a preset $390 bond. Being drunk in public has a bail of $500. Shasta County takes all crime seriously, despite certain lesser offenses having lower bails.

Bail for Felony Charges

For felony charges, bonds will typically never be less than $5,000. Offenses with bails set at this amount include check fraud and drivers’ license forgery. Charges that involve up to 1 pound of marijuana typically carry a bail of $10,000, along with basic violations of business and profession codes, insurance codes, and welfare codes. Violent crimes carry larger bail amounts. It is important to note that some violations are considered so serious that the court decided not to issue bail to individuals charged with those crimes. These violations require that the individual remain incarcerated until they see the judge.

The full Shasta County bail schedule lists a large number of misdemeanors and felonies, along with their set bail amounts. For charges not listed on the schedule, one can expect the bail to be set at $5,000.
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