How to avoid an Arrest Warrant in California

Based on California law, a law enforcement officer has the right to arrest you for committing crimes with or without warrants. For those arrested without a warrant, this usually happens because the individual committed a crime right in front of them. In those cases, they don’t need the issuance of an arrest warrant. DUIs, for…


How to Clear a Bench Warrant in California

If you have a bench warrant in California, it means that you failed to either appear for, pay or present something important. Bench warrants & arrest warrants are slightly different in that bench warrants may not involve a crime. You may have missed a court date that required your presence. You may have failed to…


What is Trespassing? Understand Fundamentals

While the simple, dictionary definition of “trespassing” is entering another’s private property without express permission, criminal trespassing involves other factors. The type of criminal charge/penalty for trespassing on private property can vary wildly, however. Here are important facts to know about criminal trespassing and trespassing penalties. The intent to damage, or even interfere with the…


Interesting Attorney Facts

Attorneys, more commonly referred to as lawyers, are highly educated professionals who have completed four years of undergraduate study followed by three years of study at a law school.


About Legal Counsel

The term “legal counsel” refers to a lawyer or attorney, a legal professional with a license from the government to practice law by assisting and representing clients in legal matters.