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Falsely Accused of Rape – How to Defend Yourself?

in Laws, Legal Info Being falsely accused of rape can have devastating consequences for the accused. It is never to be ignored or taken lightly. Whether a false accusation or allegation of rape, it is of utmost importance to take immediate action. The first step is to hire a criminal defense attorney. The attorney will advise on how to… Read More

What is entrapment and its punishment according to CA laws

in Laws, Legal Info Thousands of people are arrested every year as a result of police sting operations. These operations can ruin the lives of individuals who commit crimes where there is no identifiable victim. In many situations, they can seem inherently unfair. But these men and women can sometimes detect entrapment as a feature of those sting operations.… Read More

Arraignment Process in California Criminal Courts

in Legal Info After a person is arrested or charged with an offense, they must be arraigned. The arraignment process occurs in all misdemeanor and felony cases. As part of the arraignment process, bail may be set if the person is incarcerated. If bail is set, then you can contact a bail bonds company to arrange for payment… Read More

How To Report Elder Abuse In California?

in Legal Info Elder abuse is becoming a serious problem. Therefore, it is important for California residents to learn about elder abuse law, the specific types of abuse against elderly persons, how to recognize that it is taking place, the process of initiating an elder abuse lawsuit and how to report elder abuse in California. However, as our… Read More

When and How to File a Mechanic’s Lien

in Legal Info A lien is a common tool that contractors have against the menace of clients not paying their bills. It is sometimes the only tool that contractors without a large amount of capital have in order to secure payment for services rendered. This important tool must be used wisely, however. It is essential to deploy liens… Read More

Police Search and Seizure Limitations

in Legal Info The United States Constitution protects against searches and seizures that are unreasonable. When the police search a place or person, they must have a search warrant or there must be circumstances present to justify their action without a search warrant. Arrests made after illegal searches may be invalidated and result in the exclusion of evidence… Read More

What to Do After a Hit-and-Run in California

in Legal Info   The penalties for hit and run in California can be serious. First and foremost, you most likely will be arrested, in which case you will need to contact a bail bondsman. This important professional in the criminal justice process will help you get out of custody and home so you can better deal with… Read More

Petit Larceny and Grand Larceny: What Are The Differences?

in Legal Info   Not all acts of theft are charged the same way in the state of California. Petty theft charges in California prosecute theft of someone's property or money and have a wide variety of guidelines and punishments to deter this theft. These laws include both smaller and larger forms of larceny. Knowing the difference between… Read More

Miranda Rights When Arrested in California

in Legal Info   Individuals arrested in the state of California often have to go through an arduous process. They have to go through the booking and potentially a period in jail. These individuals do not always consider the importance of hearing and receiving their Miranda Rights. Miranda Rights are some of the most fundamental in the entire… Read More