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Espinoza Bail Bonds Merced

Merced, CA, 95340
Espinoza Bail Bonds Merced
Merced, CA 95340
(209) 651-2030 Merced, CA, 95340 Payments Accepted: Credit Card, Check, Cash, Finance Services: Bail Bonds, Bail Bonds Agents, Bail Bond Company, Bail Bonds Payments, Bail Contract, Bail Information, Bail Release, Bail Set, Cash Bail, Court Bond, Payment Plans

Merced Bail Bonds

Espinoza Bail Bonds provides bail bond services to inmates detained in all jails located in the greater Merced area. We specialize in getting people out of jail FAST and have flexible payment options. If your friend or loved one is in jail, please contact us at (209) 651-2030 or complete the form below for immediate assistance, and a no obligation free consultation.

Bail Bond Agents in Merced

Our Merced bail bond agents are qualified bondsmen with experience writing bail bonds to get people out of jail fast. All of Espinoza Bail Bond Agents, Bail Bonding Agents, and Bail bondsmen are here to serve you. The bail bonding agent facilitates the process of sending the bond to the jail for a timely release. Give us a call at (209) 651-2030 we are ready to talk to you 24 hours a day.

When you need bail bonds, there’s often no time to wait. A “bail bond” is a pledge of a certain amount of money or property that acts as a guarantee that someone who has been charged with a crime will appear at the Merced Court on a specified date.

Even the most conscientious, law-abiding citizens may someday need a bail agent.  Simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time can put you in a situation like this. Once bail is set, a bail bond lets you leave Merced Jail faster if you don’t have bail money to put up yourself.

When it comes to bail bonds Merced resident’s trust, speed and convenience are important. The faster a bail bond agent can process your claim, the sooner you’ll be free. Getting out of jail promptly is crucial to setting up your legal defense, since evidence that favors you could get damaged or disappear.

Bail bonds Merced residents use most often include other features as well. For example, many bail bond agents can explain the legal process to you and help you understand your rights and obligations while you seek legal counsel. This can be very helpful in a stressful and confusing time.

Naturally, getting a bail bond creates a legal contract between yourself and your bail bond agent. The agent takes on much of the risk involved in making sure that his or her clients appear in court as they are expected to do. If someone tries to “skip bail,” a bail bondsman is empowered to pursue them.

As a bustling charter city of more than 80,000 residents, Merced is known for its great weather and access to an excellent education. In this idyllic community, residents shouldn’t forget to keep a bail bondsman’s number handy in case of emergencies!

The Booking and Bail Process in Merced

When someone is arrested, the first stop is the nearest police or sheriff station for booking and processing. During this process, the defendant’s fingerprints and photographs are taken. A background check will also be conducted. This process usually takes 2 to 6 hours but it can take longer.

After booking and processing, bail will be set based on the county’s California Bail Schedule. This Bail Schedule dictates bail amounts for most charges, allowing a jail to set a bail amount before the defendant has to see a judge. Bail amounts vary depending on residency, the type of crime, and the county. Law enforcement will only accept the scheduled bail amount.

If the defendant is hoping for a lower bail amount, they must go before a judge. The purpose of bail is to ensure the defendant will attend their future court appearances while being released from jail.

Bail isn’t guaranteed, however. Bail may not be allowed for very serious charges. Judges can also deny bail, in which case the defendant must remain in jail until the court date.

How to Get Bailed Out of Jail in Merced, California Bail may be posted in three ways

· Cash Bail

· A bail bond through a bail bondsman

· Property bond

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