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Espinoza Bail Bonds Norwalk

Norwalk, CA, 90650
Espinoza Bail Bonds Norwalk
Norwalk, CA 90650
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Norwalk Bail Bonds

Judges often allow defendants the opportunity to bail themselves out of jail before they are tried or sentenced. During an initial appearance in court, the judge will tell the defendant how much he or she must pay to bail or bond himself or herself out of jail. Many times, this amount of money is more than most people have in their bank accounts. They also may not have assets that they can liquidate to pay the bail or bond. Rather than remain in jail, they can instead get their bail or bond paid by hiring a bail bond service like Espinoza Bail Bonds. Before you reach out to a bail bond service, however, you need to know how it works and what is expected of you. You can then participate fully in the bail bond process and remain out of jail before you have to appear in court next.

The court information that you will need to have access to before you call the bail bond service ranges from the jail address to the charges that have been filed against you. By having these details ready, you can speed up getting your bail or bond paid.

How to Get Bailed Out of Jail in Norwalk

Getting bailed out of jail typically requires you to pay 10 percent of your bail amount. This 10 percent is called your bond. Even the 10 percent can be more than you can afford to pay alone, however. You need to call a bail bond agent to post that 10 percent for you. The 10 percent is a promise that you will show up to all of your court dates. If you show up to court as promised and are found innocent, the full bond will typically be dissolved. However, if you do not show up to court, called jumping bail or absconding, you will be required to pay that 10 percent in full. To compel you to show up to court, the bail bond agent may require you to put up some sort of collateral to secure your bond. If you do not show up to court, the bail bond agency can sell that asset and use the proceeds to recoup what you owe. A new arrest warrant will be issued for you, and you will go back to jail until your next court date.

Norwalk Jail & Court Address Information

The bail bond agent will need a variety of details from you before he or she can come to the jail to post your bail or bond. To start, the agent will need some basic jail information about you. You need to disclose what you have been charged with and where you are being incarcerated. Most bail bond agents, however, know where the nearest jails are and have access to local crime statistics and court records. They may be able to look you and your charges up in the local court records after you call them. Still, it can help you to have that information on hand just in case the bail bond agent needs it from you. Most defendants receive printouts of their charges and other jail details during their booking process. It is important that you keep this paperwork on hand even after you are bailed out of jail. It can also be vital that you know what your bail information is if possible. Chances are that you have made at least an initial appearance before a judge and know what your charges are. You also may know your full bail amount and how much needs to be paid.

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