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Espinoza Bail Bonds Oroville

Oroville, CA, 95965
Espinoza Bail Bonds Oroville
Oroville, CA 95965
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Oroville Bail Bonds

Espinoza Bail Bonds provides bail bond services to inmates detained in all jails located in the greater Oroville area. We specialize in getting people out of jail FAST and have flexible payment options. If your friend or loved one is in jail, please contact us at (530) 903-5939 or complete the form below for immediate assistance, and a no obligation free consultation.

Bail Bond Agents in Oroville

Our Oroville bail bond agents are qualified bondsman with experience writing bail bonds to get people out of jail fast. All of Espinoza Bail Bond Agents, Bail Bonding Agents, and Bail bondsmen are here to serve you. The bail bonding agent facilitates the process of sending the bond to the jail for a timely release. Give us a call at (530) 903-5939 we are ready to talk to you 24 hours a day.

When someone is arrested, they could either post bail and appear at the Oroville Courthouse on the trial date or remain in custody at the Oroville Jail until the time of the court trial. Trials are normally set to occur a few weeks or months after the time of the arrest. If you are arrested or a loved one is held in custody, you should contact a bail bonds Oroville agency.

What is a Bail?

This is an amount of money given as insurance to the court by a bail bond agent on behalf of a defendant.

Bail is issued in two ways:

  • The defendant or a person’s action on their behalf will post the full amount. If the defendant is present at all court hearings, they or the person who paid their bond will get their money back fewer court fees, costs, fines, or any other criminal penalties.
  • A surety bond is paid by a bail bondsman. The defendant will pay a fixed fee to the bail bondsman who will in turn pay the bond to the court. Provided the defendant attends all court dates, they will not pay any more money to the bail bondsman.

First Appearance

This is the accused’s first appearance in court. In Oroville like in many other states, the law requires that an accused individual be arraigned in court within 24 hours of arrest. During this first appearance, the defendant’s case will be reviewed by the judge and the issue of bond will be addressed.

Some of the events that could occur during a first appearance are as follows:

  • A bond amount is set for an accused person.
  • A previously determined monetary bond could be revoked and the accused will not receive “bond status”.
  • The value for the bond could either remain unchanged or may be increased or decreased.
  • A defendant who does not pose any threat of fleeing may be allowed to go and required to report during the trial without being asked to pay a cash bond.

Oroville is a small and humble region situated in Butte County, California. There are no shortages of bail bond services in Oroville and you are sure to get one that will assist you with your appeal for bail. If you or a loved one is in custody, hire a bail bonds Oroville agency to help you roam free as you await your trial date.

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