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Prison Overcrowding & Bail Bonds

in Prisons California Governor Jerry Brown, addressing a recent meeting of federal Ninth Circuit trial and appellate judges on prison litigation, argued that California law has "gone too far" in requiring determinate or fixed-term sentences in criminal cases and that inmate conduct should be a factor in the determination of how much jail time to serve. ... Read More

Inmate Debate Team

in Prisons When we think of prison these days, we think of gangs, rough times, violence, and the need for guards at every door. However, one prison in New York is changing the prison experience for the better for their inmates - and the evidence for it is astonishing. ... Read More

Can Theater Help?

in Prisons The recent shift in incarceration policy being implemented by the U.S. Department of Justice has also sparked interest among the states concerning how best to reduce the number of individuals currently housed in state penal system facilities. ... Read More