Things Judges Consider When Setting Bail Amounts

If you were accused of a crime, the judge may set a bail amount that you will have to pay before you can be released from jail. The bail payment will allow you to go home until your data arises, and you can sort out your innocence. Bail bond companies are open just to help…


What Is a Statute of Limitations?

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A statute of limitations definition can best be described as a legal time limit on filing court actions. In criminal court, the prosecutor’s office must file formal criminal charges before the statute of limitations expires, or a conviction can never be obtained. For this reason, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors watch statutes of limitations very…


New Laws in California 2018

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California is an interesting political laboratory in the United States. At a time when many state legislatures are dominated by Republicans, California’s staunchly Democratic government has passed a number of bills that reflect a strongly liberal ideology. Many of those bills pertain to aiding individuals in protecting their rights and finding new employment throughout the…


Facts About California Bench Warrants

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A California Bench Warrant, or body attachments, means simply that the warrant is issued by a Judge. The word “bench” refers to Judges who are bench warrant issuing authorities. There are many reasons for issuing bench warrants. These include, but are not limited to, failure to appear in court and failure to take court-ordered actions,…


Common Questions about Bail

  What is bail?  If you are arrested for a serious crime, the court will want to make sure that you will return for all proceedings. For those who can show to the court that they have substantial contacts within the community and are very unlikely to slip away, they may get released on what…


How to Clear a Bench Warrant in California

If you have a bench warrant in California, it means that you failed to either appear for, pay or present something important. Bench warrants & arrest warrants are slightly different in that bench warrants may not involve a crime. You may have missed a court date that required your presence. You may have failed to…


What is Trespassing? Understand Fundamentals

While the simple, dictionary definition of “trespassing” is entering another’s private property without express permission, criminal trespassing involves other factors. The type of criminal charge/penalty for trespassing on private property can vary wildly, however. Here are important facts to know about criminal trespassing and trespassing penalties. The intent to damage, or even interfere with the…


Marijuana DUI in California

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Since January 1, 2018, marijuana became legal under California law. Despite its legal status, driving while under the influence of marijuana remains a crime like drunken driving. California law enforcement will most likely dedicate more energy to the enforcement of the DUI laws within the state of California, and some expect that a lot of…


How do Bail Bonds Work? Do you get your money back?

Bail bonds are an unfortunate but necessary part of modern life. They help individuals who had been charged with a crime get out of jail and more adequately prepare their case. However, for those who are not experienced in the world of bail, they may seem inherently confusing and nonsensical. Bail bonds are more of a…


Bail Bond Cost In California

Every state in America is allowed to set up its own rules in terms of how a cash bond may be administered when a person is facing criminal charges. The idea behind bail money is that a person can pay the court a certain amount of money as a safeguard that they will make their…