How to Choose a Bail Bond Company in Los Angeles

When the time comes to seek out a bail bondsman, there is usually a lot of stress. Something has happened that necessitates the need to address bail charges Los Angeles County typically administers for having been accused of breaking the law. The amount can range up to $100,000 or more with respect to the varying…


What is Bail Jumping or Bail Skipping?

Once you’ve paid a bond agent, you’re able to walk free until your court date. But you might still have questions about the bail bond process. What happens between now and the court date? What is bail jumping or bail skipping? Read on to learn more about bail skipping and what the consequences are if…


Misdemeanor vs. Felony – Complete Guide

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Felonies and misdemeanors are both specific types of crimes. Unless you’ve been to court, though, you might not know the difference. While being charged with either type of crime is serious, knowing how each works can give you a good idea of what to expect next. As such, a brief explanation of the difference between…


What is Bond Revocation?

The judge revokes someone’s bail for a variety of reasons, but before a person gets released on bail in California, they should first understand how they have to meet all the bail conditions. Before the arrested person gets released, they must first appear before the judge to set the terms of the bail. The bail…


What Is Forfeiture in Regards to Bail Bonds?

A bail bond is a service that helps to keep people out of jail when the authorities have accused them of a misdemeanor, felony, non-violent crime or something different. The judge may require the accused to pay a bail to get released until the court date because of the nature of the crime or his…


Difference between Bail Agents and Bounty Hunters

The bail bonds process is a critical part of the criminal justice system throughout the United States. Billions of dollars are transferred and thousands of individuals run businesses that range from struggling to immensely successful. Nearly every prominent town has at least one bail company. It is surprising that such a ubiquitous process is so…


Bailable and Non-Bailable Offenses

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The bail bonds process can be a complex and cumbersome one. Individuals may not always know where they stand. They may be unsure about what offenses make them eligible for jail time and which offenses do not. Information about bailable and non-bailable offenses makes it more clear what path of recourse an individual may have…


How to avoid an Arrest Warrant in California

Based on California law, a law enforcement officer has the right to arrest you for committing crimes with or without warrants. For those arrested without a warrant, this usually happens because the individual committed a crime right in front of them.


Bail Reforms California 2018

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Bail is a ubiquitous part of the American justice system. Bonds and bail bondsmen have become prominent industries that cater to the individuals who cannot afford bail.


Bail Bondsman Career Guide

The bail bond industry is a peculiar one. Many individuals only see storefronts and hear about the bail bond system from the news. It is often considered to exist outside of most other industries and as a part of the criminal justice system. However, at its heart it is a financial business. The bail bonds…