What is a kingpin statute?

A kingpin is a person who is known to control an extensive network of people. They deal with illegal operations mostly illegal drugs. Prosecution of a drug kingpin is a well-planned infiltration in their drug network by using a snitch within the drug organization. The U.S government made the kingpin statute law back in the…


What is a slip and fall lawyer & how important is this?

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What is a slip and fall lawyer & how important is this? If you have been involved in a slip and fall injury, you need to start early getting the help that you need. After contacting a physician to receive the medical treatment that is needed, your next step is to contact an attorney for…


Warrants: What You Need to Know

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There are several different types of warrants issued, but they all have a couple of general things in common. A warrant is a document issued by an authorized individual or a judicial officer, such as a judge, commanding or giving permission to the police to act out or administer some action in the name of…


What is wrongful termination? How can legally deal with it?

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What Is Wrongful Termination? How Can Legally Deal With It? Most individuals who get terminated from work always feel the termination was incorrect, especially with no actual reason. The question lingers- is it hard to prove wrongful termination? The law states that wrongful termination is when an employer wrongfully fires or terminates an employee for…


Assault vs battery – What’s the difference?

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Assault vs battery – What’s the difference? If you wind up arrested and charged with Assault vs battery, then you might suddenly have many questions, including: How much will a bail bondsman cost me? What are the differences in their charges for assault and battery? Which is more serious assault or battery? What are the…


California Marijuana Laws

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California Marijuana Laws changed radically with the decriminalization of ownership (under 28.5 grams) and authorization of clinical marijuana in 1996. The state’s marijuana laws were definitely loosened up indeed in 2016 after citizens supported Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. Under this law, grown-ups twenty-one years and over may buy, have, and devour…


What is a mouth swab drug test? How it is important for drivers?

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How a Mouth Swab Drug Test Affects Drivers A common screening test used to detect certain substances in a person’s body is a mouth swab drug test. They are becoming a popular alternative method for drug testing. This type of drug testing is often preferred over urine tests. They are easier to administer when compared…


What are General & specific intent crimes punishments

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Legal terms can be highly complicated. If you are facing any kind of legal troubles, it is helpful to understand the kind of terms you can expect to hear as you speak with all those involved in law enforcement. One of the most common terms you can expect to hear if you are working with…


What is a citizen’s arrest & its penal code in California?

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Performing A Citizen’s Arrest in California There is one thing people in California can do when they witness a crime. They can perform a citizen’s arrest. A citizen’s arrest can be performed by someone who is not a law enforcement officer. A citizen of California has a legal right to place a person under arrest…


What is entrapment and its punishment according to CA laws

Thousands of people are arrested every year as a result of police sting operations. These operations can ruin the lives of individuals who commit crimes where there is no identifiable victim. In many situations, they can seem inherently unfair. But these men and women can sometimes detect entrapment as a feature of those sting operations….


What are prisoner rights & privileges in jail?

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When a crime is committed, or alleged to have been committed, there are certain inevitabilities that one can all but be assured will occur if the offense warrants it, (1.) they will be arrested and (2.) they will end up in jail or a detention center until they are presented to a judge or magistrate…