Modesto Bail Schedule (Stanislaus County)

It is important for even the average, law-abiding citizen to possess at least a basic knowledge of the criminal justice system and the bail bonds process. Anyone, either falsely accused or ignorant of the law, could potentially be charged with a crime one day.

The bail schedule in Stanislaus County, California, consisting of felonies, misdemeanors, and municipal violations, is 99 pages long, and some of the laws are rather unique to the state of California. Failing to provide financial support to an indigent adult parent is a misdemeanor in California but is not illegal in every state.

Although everyone should be knowledgeable of the law where he or she lives to prevent being charged with a crime out of ignorance, knowing who to contact if you are arrested and your rights as someone who has been charged with a crime are also important.

What is a Bail Schedule?

A bail schedule is a list of crimes and the amount of money required to bond out of jail after being charged with those crimes. The Superior Court of Stanislaus County decided on the bail schedule. Although the bail amounts seem prohibitively high for the average person to pay, for a fee of 10% of the amount listed on the bail schedule, a bail bondsman in California can secure a person’s release.

Bail Amounts in Stanislaus County

A common misconception is that the accused must wait to be arraigned before being released from jail on bond. However, that is rarely the case. In Stanislaus County, the only crime that requires arraignment before a bail is set is murder. Also, some persons charged with escape may also have no bond. Being released from jail on bond before arraignment is advantageous because it can prevent a judge from increasing your bail after considering your case.

Bail amounts are usually lower for misdemeanor offenses than for felonies, and infractions carry an even lower bail amount than misdemeanors, because the court considers these crimes less severe. Generally, the higher the bail amount, the more egregious the offense in the eyes of the law.

The specific amount of bail required also depends on extenuating circumstances such as whether anyone suffered grievous bodily injury, the dollar amount of property damage caused, whether minors were involved in the crime, where the crime occurred, or whether the person has a prior arrest record for similar offenses or was on probation or parole at the time the offense was alleged to have been committed. California also has crimes called “wobblers” that can be classified as a felony or a misdemeanor depending on circumstances. All of these details are listed in the bail schedule.

For example, carjacking is considered a very serious crime in Stanislaus County. A person charged with carjacking must post a $150,000 bond to secure his or her release from jail. However, Stanislaus County considers joyriding a bicycle to be a less serious offense as it is a misdemeanor. A person charged with joy-riding a bicycle will be held on a $1000 bond and could be released from jail after paying a fee of $100 to a bail bondsman.

The sooner a person is released from jail, the more time he or she will have to obtain legal counsel and prepare his or her defense. Being released from jail can also help the accused face fewer hardships such as time away from work or family obligations. Everyone should have a plan in place in the event of an arrest, and that plan should include a phone call to a licensed bail bondsman.
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