Marysville Bail Schedule (Yuba County)

The essential purpose of the Yuba County Bail Schedule is to provide an arrested and detained person, his or her family members and a bail bonds service with uniform information about bail amounts. The Yuba County Bail Schedule is established by the Superior Court and is reviewed from time to time.

The theory in creating the Yuba County Bail Schedule is that it speeds up the process by which a person who has been arrested can be released from custody. In many cases, the availability of the Yuba County Bail Schedule permits an arrested person the ability to gain release within a matter of hours as opposed to a more extended period of time.

Purpose of Bail

As a general rule, in most cases, a person is entitled to have a bond set to permit his or her release pending further court proceedings. Bond is based on a consideration of the need to ensure that a person reappears for further court proceedings. A person’s prior criminal history and conduct on a prior bond are taken into consideration.

Specifics of the Yuba County Bail Schedule

The Yuba County Bail Schedule sets out specific bail amounts for cases in which there is a presumption that a person is entitled to be released on bond pending further court proceedings. The Yuba County Bail Schedule focuses on the highest possible sentence that might be imposed in the top offense for which a person is charged. In other words, the schedule focuses on the maximum sentence to which a person could be incarcerated if convicted of the most serious crime with which he or she is charged. The general bond ranges included in the schedule for felony crimes are:

Three years – $15,000
Four years – $20,000
Five years – $25,000
Six years – $30,000
Seven years – $35,000
Eight years – $40,000
Nine years – $45,000
10 years – $50,000
11 years – $55,000
12 years – $60,000
16 years – $100.000
Life sentences (with some exceptions) – $500,000

The Yuba County Bail Schedule also sets bond amounts for misdemeanor cases. Because misdemeanor offenses by definition carry lesser terms of incarceration, the bond amount established on the schedule is less. For example, the schedule includes a general provision that indicates a misdemeanor bond amount is set at half of that associated with a felony. Another provision establishes the bond for unspecified misdemeanor charges at $2,500.

Bail Bond Service

A bail bond service is set up to respond to a request for bail assistance around the clock, 365 days a year. Typically, an arrested person needs to come up with between 10 to 15 percent of the total bond amount in cash in order to obtain a bail bond. In some cases, a cosigner and additional collateral may be required as well.
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