Annoying Phone Calls: CA Penal Code 653m

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We all made prank phone calls when we were kids, and we annoyed people with those calls. We never worried about being prosecuted though, even if we got caught. Whether you know it or not, prank calls like those are a crime now.


Possession of a Controlled Substance

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California has strict laws against possessing certain types of drugs. This charge is known as possession of a controlled substance. The charge can carry a lengthy prison sentence and large fines under certain circumstances. It will help to know how possession of a controlled substance is defined under the California penal code and what steps…


Drug Trafficking – CA Penal Code

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When thinking about serious crimes, one will often think of murder or assault. However, at least in California and most other states, one will want to avoid drug trafficking charges as they are serious. With that being said, when facing these charges, one will want to mount a defense, get bail, and do what they can…