What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

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Your heart is racing; you can’t quite seem to catch your breath, you feel as though you’re hyperventilating, and have just come to the realization that you had just been in a car accident; which is, potentially, your number one, worst, nightmare.


How to Be a Good Neighbor

“Love thy neighbor.” It’s fantastic advice, but sometimes it’s easier said than done; after all, it’s not like you get to choose who lives next door.


Illegal Drugs: The Laws

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With the exception of murder and other violent crimes, drug-related wrongdoings are likely the most harsh. Anybody with unlawful medications, whether they manufacture or utilize them, will more than likely face incarceration for a long period of time. Not to mention the fines that go along with it.


Detention vs. Arrest

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It is important that one know the difference between arrest and detention, as they are quite different from one another.


All About 24‐Hour Bail Bonds

An arrest can lead to any number of serious problems and future complications. The emotional stress, humiliation and inconvenience of an arrest are never issues that should be taken lightly. Being able to arrange bail at the earliest possible opportunity can often be of paramount concern.


Bail & Bonds: The FAQs

For many, the initial agitation caused by an arrest on the defendant and their family soon turns to one primary question: How can I get out of jail fast? The answers to these frequently asked questions about bail can help.


Annoying Phone Calls: CA Penal Code 653m

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We all made prank phone calls when we were kids, and we annoyed people with those calls. We never worried about being prosecuted though, even if we got caught. Whether you know it or not, prank calls like those are a crime now.