The Right to Bail

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You won’t see the right to bail explicitly mentioned in the Constitution. However, the 14th Amendment note that no individual may have his or her life or liberty deprived without first undergoing due process of law.


Bail & Bonds: The FAQs

For many, the initial agitation caused by an arrest on the defendant and their family soon turns to one primary question: How can I get out of jail fast? The answers to these frequently asked questions about bail can help.


Bail Best For Pretrial Release

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The bail bonds process clocks in when someone is arrested. When people are arraigned, the judges get to set bail for those people. These bail numbers are often handled by a bail bonds company. The commercial numbers involved in a bail are meant to keep people around until their trial, and the bail bond process…


The 8th Amendment

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There are a variety of legal safety nets that have been placed within the judicial system that were designed to prevent the federal and state government from removing an individual’s personal liberties after they have been arrested. Unfortunately, these situations can become both convoluted and expensive in the blink of an eye, and this means…