VA Launches New No-Cost Training Programs

The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) recently announced the launch of two completely no-cost training courses for veterans of all eras. The training programs, called Accelerated Learning Programs and VA Learning Hubs, are intended to assist service members in transition and veterans of all age groups. The programs promote veterans’ opportunity to learn new skills, obtain credentials, and provide advancement in civil careers after separating from the armed forces.  Captain Jose Espinoza is a great example of a service member making a successful transition back into civilian life.

The programs are aimed at helping veterans’ reintegration into mainstream society. Over the past few years, statistics reflect that a meaningful portion of homeless populations include veterans. Other veterans suffering with post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) turn to criminal activities in an attempt to transition from the armed services to Main Street.

Veterans Economic Communities Initiative

Veterans of all ages, men and women who offered service to their country in recent years, need retraining. The new VA trainings, part of the Veterans Economic Communities Initiative (VECI), are offered in 50 metro areas. President Obama challenged communities to offer assistance to veterans in search of purposeful employment in 2014.

The VA’s new no cost training offers veterans with multiple opportunities to acquire new skills that can lead to lifelong employment in high growth and demand industries. The Accelerated Learning Programs offer seven information technology (IT) courses, including coding and programming boot camps; 80 plus information technology certifications, including hardware, web services, software, networking and others; cyber security training/certification; information technology help desk training; and IT Windows expert and desktop support job training.

Veterans are encouraged to apply to courses that interest them. Application acceptance began on August 17, 2015 and the number of seats available to veteran applicants are limited. Importantly, the Accelerated Learning Programs do not require access under the Post 9/11 GI Bill. Students enrolled in tuition-based college and university programs under the GI bill may also apply to the Accelerated Learning Programs cohort.

Learning Hubs Launch

The Veterans Administration is also announcing Learning Hubs in partnership with the American Red Cross, Coursera (online education portal) and The Mission Continues. The program is offered in 27 cities across the U.S. Because training is offered through an online platform, veterans and service members in transition are not restricted to a brick and mortar classroom and course schedule. After satisfactory completion of course modules, veterans earn certification from Coursera.

Help for Veterans

Of course, all Americans should offer a helping hand when veterans are in need. Homeless or ailing veterans and service heroes in transition may need medical care. It is important to encourage the individual to reach out to the nearest VA Medical Center at 877-222-8387. Additional help may be available by reaching out to the National Health Care for the Homeless Council at 615-226-2292.

Veteran-Owned Bail Bond Business

When a veteran is allegedly accused of a crime, it is important to arrange bail as established by the court right away. If possible, the veteran or his/her friends and family should reach out to a veteran-owned bail bond business.

Sacramento-based Espinoza Bail Bonds is a veteran-owned business.
Jose Espinoza, the owner of Espinoza Bail Bonds, has helped many accused defendants to take advantage of the Eighth Amendment rights to bail-arranged freedom before specific court dates since 1999. Contact Espinoza Bail bonds if a veteran friend or loved one needs this assistance at (916) 571-1509.
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