The Vital Importance Of Memorial Day


One of the most celebrated American holidays, Memorial Day holds a special place in the collective consciousness of the United States. Much like Independence Day, this is one holiday that brings together Americans of various political persuasions, ethnicities and walks of life.

For students, Memorial Day approximately marks the end of the school year and the start of summer break. Most Americans mark this day with vacation plans, barbecues and other festivities. Whatever traditions people associate with Memorial Day, it is critical to keep the main focus of Memorial Day firmly in mind. This is the day when Americans celebrate the members of our armed forces who died to preserve their rights and liberties.

Considering the similarities between the two holidays, it is only natural that some people conflate Memorial Day with Veterans’ Day. It is important to recognize the difference. While Veterans’ Day is a day set aside for honoring living military veterans, Memorial Day is a day to remember and honor those who have died in the line of duty.

History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day grows out of Decoration Day, which was first observed by General Logan of the U.S Army. On May 30, 1868, Logan and 5,000 others marked the first Decoration Day by placing flowers and decorations on Union and Confederate gravesites at the Arlington National Cemetery. Logan hoped that this tradition would help heal the trauma and bitterness left by the bloody, protracted Civil War.

Within 25 years, Decoration Day was widely celebrated throughout the Northern States each May. Meanwhile, the Southern States chose to commemorate their Civil War heroes on a different day. The wearing of red poppies on Memorial Day is a longstanding tradition that goes back to the World War I era. After the First World War, Decoration Day achieved nationwide recognition. At that time, the scope of the holiday was extended to memorialize all fallen military personnel. Although the name Memorial Day was circulating as early as 1882, the Federal Government waited until 1967 before officially designating May 30 as Memorial Day.

In 1971, the government moved the holiday to the last Monday in May, thereby allowing more Americans to enjoy a relaxing, three-day holiday weekend. Although this move was widely appreciated, associating Memorial Day with a long, enjoyable weekend may have led to some confusion about the holiday’s main purpose. In December 2000, the U.S government took concrete action to preserve the original meaning of Memorial Day. That month, President Clinton signed “The National Moment Of Remembrance Act. This law insists that all Americans observe one minute of complete silence at 3:00 PM each Memorial Day. This is the moment set aside to remember all of the veterans who have fallen in service to the American people.

Memorial Day is a time to not only celebrate American freedoms but to honor those who have perished to keep these freedoms alive. Instilling healthy pride in the nation’s heritage is one important way to keep American institutions thriving into the indefinite future.

Espinoza Bail Bonds: A Veteran-Owned Business

Espinoza Bail Bonds is a veteran-owned business headed by Jose Espinoza, a veteran of the United States Army. After joining the Army in 1995, Espinoza served with honor and distinction for more than 19 years. By the time he left the Army and returned to civilian life, Espinoza had achieved the rank of captain. Espinoza soon earned a master of business administration through California State University. As the founder and manager of Espinoza Bail Bonds, Jose Espinoza continues to exercise the prudence and reliability he honed in the military.

Found throughout many disparate industries, veteran-owned businesses do much to benefit the U.S economy today. This Memorial Day, companies like Espinoza Bail Bonds will remember those who gave their lives for freedom while helping people post bond and achieve personal freedom from incarceration.

Keeping the Memorial Day tradition alive is of the utmost importance to all Americans. A nation that remembers its fallen heroes will work tirelessly to maintain the traditions that inspired those heroes to action. This Memorial Day, Americans should join together in celebrating their collective legacy of heroism and patriotism. Patronizing veteran-owned businesses is one for people to express their feelings in this regard.
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