Suits for Soldiers Program

For soldiers who have served overseas and completed their enlistment, the next step is to be discharged from the military and move on with their lives.

This is a time when they will have to face the transition from military life to civilian life. Many will be going on job interviews for the first time in a number of years. Others may have never gone on a job interview. One important aspect of impressing a future employer is by showing up to the interview wearing a nice suit. An organization known as Suits for Soldiers is committed to providing the clothing necessary for veterans to have a successful job interview and more.  Jose Espinoza made this successful transition from military to civilian life and enjoys helping other Veterans.


The Department of Defense Office of Support estimates that more than 900.000 individuals over the next few years will be leaving the military life and trying to make the transition into the civilian world. The Department of Defense also knows that many of these veterans will not have appropriate business attire. They will need to obtain clothes for going to networking events, interviews, work, and more.


Individuals across the United States are now able to show their support for veterans trying to make the change into the civilian workforce. All they need to do is donate their used suits or professional attire for men and women to Suits for Soldiers. It is possible to donate these items to many places including any local Farmers Insurance Agency.


The Suits for Soldiers program began during August of 2012. Scott Fader started the program when he was serving in the Army at an overseas location. Fader became aware of a veteran who was unable to take advantage of an important job opportunity because he wasn’t able to wear a suit. The job went to someone who was able to wear a nice suit to the interview and subsequent follow-up interviews. Scott Fader felt this is something that should not happen. Opportunities for employment should not be lost because a veteran doesn’t have appropriate business attire. Fader decided to start Suits for Soldiers as a way to prevent such a thing from happening to another veteran. The program has drawn quite a positive response. It has also recently expanded. Now it can provide a veteran with obtaining proper business attire but also with writing resumes and more. It also helps veterans with the loan process for veteran real estate loan programs and more. This program has helped many veterans experience a smooth transition into the civilian world.

Importance of Clothing

Research has shown that clothing plays a big role during the job interview process. Experts recommend individuals be overdressed for an interview rather than underdressed. What exactly needs to be worn can be confusing in many situations. It is possible in some situations to contact the human resources of a company and ask the expectations for attire during an interview.

First Impressions

It’s important that people understand that first impressions matter. Making an effort to properly dress for an interview may take some effort. One of the first judgments made on potential employees is what they wear to the interview. It’s also important during an interview to ask about attire requirements for the position. A job candidate dressed in a nice suit will make a much better first impression than someone who shows up wearing something inappropriate.

Man’s Attire

In the business world, a conservative solid-colored suit with a long sleeve collared shirt is considered a good choice for job interviews. An appropriate tie needs to be chosen. Ones with offensive images or cartoons will be considered tacky. The goal is to keep the attire looking professional and simple.

Woman’s Attire

It is recommended that women wear a conservative suit that is a solid color to an interview. They should also wear a blouse that is coordinated and properly matches the suit they’re wearing. Should a woman decide to wear a skirt suit, the pantyhose they choose should be a neutral color. A woman needs to limit the amount of jewelry they wear to an interview. It should only accentuate the suit. A general rule is that less jewelry is better.

Veteran Owned Business

Jose Espinoza is a veteran who owns Espinoza Bail Bonds. He knows the suites provided to veterans from this program have helped them in job interviews, working in the court system, and in other areas of their professional lives.
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