Which Type of Bankruptcy Should You File?

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Millions of Americans consider and file for bankruptcy every year. They feel overwhelmed by their debts, such as credit cards or fees from bail bonds, and do not want to think about them anymore. These men and women feel like they have no other options. But the process is more complex than simply writing off…


When and How to File a Mechanic’s Lien

The lien is a common tool that contractors have against the menace of clients not paying their bills. It is sometimes the only tool that contractors without a large amount of capital have in order to secure payment for services rendered. This important tool must be used wisely, however. It is essential to deploy liens…


Difference Between Aiding and Abetting and Being an Accessory

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Aiding and abetting a crime and being an accessory to a crime are both criminal offenses that carry a criminal charge that often includes jail time. Both charges may bring the need for both a bail bondsman and a criminal defense attorney. While both crimes include assisting a person in committing a crime, there are…


Frequently Asked Criminal Law Questions: Crime Definitions

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Criminal Law Definitions and What It Could Mean For You Table of Contents Introduction1. What Is A Bail Bond?2. What’s The Difference Between Criminal And Civil Law?3. What Is Criminal Trespassing?4. What Is A Hit and Run?5. What Is A Criminal Conspiracy?6. What’s The Difference Between Robbery and Burglary?7. What Is…


What Is Aggravated Mayhem in California Criminal Law?

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California Penal Code 205 PC criminalizes intentionally causing a person permanent disability or disfigurement or depriving a person of a limb, organ or member of their body. This crime is known as aggravated mayhem. Aggravated mayhem penalties include a felony conviction that could include significant consequences. If you are charged with this offense, it is…


California Securities Fraud Laws

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Sometimes people may be facing securities fraud charges. If you are facing securities fraud charges under California Corporations Code Section 25400, California Corporations Code Section 25402, or California Corporations Code Section 25540 you might be temporarily behind bars. In that case, it is helpful to have someone on your side who can offer assistance with…


California Civil Litigation and Procedures

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How Bail Bonds Functions in Civil Proceedings If an individual resides in California, and they become involved in a civil litigation scenario, then they will need to understand how this process will function. Sometimes a civil litigation case will also involve the use of a bail bond, and the bail bonds process will thus become…


How A Personal Injury Case Is Settled?

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Persons whom have been injured in an accident might be able to recoup funds by initiating a personal injury lawsuit. In certain instances, such proceedings are resolved through a legal process known as a settlement. The following brief blog will provide a brief overview of how a personal injury case works and examine how and…


What is the suspended imposition of a sentence?

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If someone is arrested for a crime, they immediately become a defendant and can request bail. If granted bail, the bond will be posted by a bail bondsman, who then holds a vested interest in the defendant showing up in court when the judge schedules them to do so. While out on bail, the defendant…


California Forgery Penalties

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The modern world is full of situations where a signature or some other form of official document is required. Individuals write checks, sign mortgages, and conduct many other forms of business every day that require a signature. The trust surrounding signatures is a primary reason why forgery is such a serious crime. A forgery conviction…


How To File A Class Action Lawsuit?

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When an individual is injured due to another person or party’s negligence, the legal action known as a civil lawsuit might enable said person to recover a reward for the damages incurred as a result. However, when numerous individuals sustain injury they believe are caused by another’s malfeasance, legal efforts called class action lawsuits might…