What is a kingpin statute?

A kingpin is a person who is known to control an extensive network of people. They deal with illegal operations mostly illegal drugs. Prosecution of a drug kingpin is a well-planned infiltration in their drug network by using a snitch within the drug organization. The U.S government made the kingpin statute law back in the year 1970.
The kingpin statute was put in place to combat the rise of the drug cartels by going for their leaders. It simply means that this law deals with the criminal leaders that manufacture, export, sell, or grow any form of illegal drugs. Dealing with drugs is a federal crime.

What does kingpin mean in court? What makes someone a kingpin statute? How many years is a kingpin charge? What is considered a drug kingpin? The kingpin crimes are described in the CDAPC Act of 1970. It is considered a criminal enterprise, meaning that many criminals are operating in an organizational hierarchy structure.

Bail Bond Process

In most cases, the bail bond for the kingpin statute is by cash bail. Meaning they have to pay the total amount of bail before the accused is released. What makes someone a kingpin? For the federal government to charge an individual as a kingpin, it has to prove that:
The suspect has made a substantial amount of money from the drug business
The suspect was in collaboration with not less than five individuals
The suspect has a record of committing drug offenses more than three times
The suspect committed an illegal drug crime under the federal law
The suspect supervised, organized, and managed all the individuals in the organization.
After proving the above, the judge might pose a bail bond to the accused. It helps to guarantee the court that the accused will appear in court for the next court hearing. Bail bond temecula helps the accused from serving jail time before the law passes the final verdict. If the accused had been jailed, it helps them obtain a release from confinement.
Penalties of a Kingpin

How many years is a kingpin charge? After being charged with a criminal enterprise, the penalties for a continued criminal organization are pretty harsh. Upon conviction, a kingpin can face a jail term sentence of at least 20 years to maximum life in prison. At the same time, a kingpin is required to surrender all the properties they acquired through the enterprise and pay fines that range to millions of dollars.

Most Asked Question on the Federal Kingpin Statute

What does kingpin mean in court?

The CCE statute is a federal law that aims at large-scale illegal drug lords that conduct long-term drug conspiracies on U.S. soil.

What is considered a drug kingpin? As mentioned above, a drug kingpin is an individual who oversees all the drug operations and transactions. It is difficult to get to a kingpin because they may never directly possess anything illegal. They ensure that a layer of their subordinates does the drug trade business dealings. It means that the kingpin statute carefully plans infiltration in their networks.
What are the penalties if charged with methamphetamines? The federal government has a particular law for methamphetamines kingpin charges. Since the drug quality falls from 300 to 200 times, the law substitutes its penalties from$10 million to $5 million.
Can one get a life in prison sentence for a kingpin statute charge? When the federal statute finds the defendant guilty of the drug crimes, the accused can receive 20 years in prison to a life in a prison sentence. The accused can be charged with a fine from $2million to $10 million. Depending on the crimes they committed or the type of drugs they were trading.
Is kingpin statute a criminal or a capital offense? If the kingpin directs anyone or commits the murder of another person, it becomes a capital offense. It works best if any federal agent involved in the investigation, prosecution, or prevention of the criminal offenses is killed during an ongoing criminal case.
When arrested and charged with the federal kingpin statute, find an experienced legal team. The federal kingpin crime can lead to hefty fines or mandatory jail sentences. A good legal team is aggressive and provides quality services to protect any client’s legal rights.