Month: March 2015

CA’s “Peeping Tom” Laws: Penal Code 647(i)

in Laws The California “Peeping Tom” law (Penal Code 647 (i)) is one that can be quite embarrassing for the individual charged under it. This inevitably leads to a string of pejoratives directed at the person arrested for this violation. ... Read More

Carrying a Loaded Firearm

in Laws In the state of California, carrying a loaded firearm in public or in your vehicle falls under Penal Code 25850. This means that if you are caught with a loaded weapon, you can expect punishment and may need the help of a skilled bondsman.  Note that it is a different offense from carrying a concealed… Read More

Annoying Phone Calls: CA Penal Code 653m

in Laws We all made prank phone calls when we were kids, and we annoyed people with those calls. We never worried about being prosecuted though, even if we got caught. Whether you know it or not, prank calls like those are a crime now. ... Read More