Illegal Assault Weapon Charges in CA

There are a number of people in the state of California who lawfully posses and use firearms.

Farmers, competitive shooters, gun collectors and more need to make themselves aware of the changing gun laws of their state. This is especially true when it comes to the subject of assault weapons. Should a person be arrested and charged with the crime of possessing or using an illegal assault weapon, they will need the services of a bail bonds company.

Roberti-Roos Act

California Penal Code Subsection 30600 to 30675 is known as the Roberti-Roos Act. It covers the sale, manufacture, possession or lending as well as giving away and more of assault weapons. It covers punishment for up to eight years of incarceration in a county jail for every illegal weapon. A fine of $10,000 for each weapon can also be imposed. If a person is convicted, they could also receive consecutive prison sentences.

Assault Weapons

According to the California Attorney General, an assault weapon is very dangerous and a serious hazard to society. These are the same types of weapons soldiers utilize during warfare. The California Penal Code list over 69 guns that are defined at assault weapons. These weapons are everything from AK series rifles to the Striker 12 shotgun, M16 weapons and more. It is important to make certain all weapons in a home are legal. If a person has an automatic or semi-automatic weapon, which has a revolving cylinder, they need to check the weapons listed in the California Penal Code. It is important to make certain weapons in a home are legal to possess.
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