Stockton Jail

22 East Market Street, Stockton, CA, 95202
Stockton Jail
22 East Market Street, Stockton, CA 95202
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Stockton Jail

The Stockton Jail is a facility managed in compliance with California’s Code of Regulation (Title 15, Division 3). The average inmate population numbers around 1,430 individuals. If you or a loved one are awaiting trial at the Stockton jail, you’ll want the help of a good Stockton Bail Bonds company.  In addition to the Captain, the Inmate Programs Director and 6 lieutenants, there are 270 support staff (Deputies, Correction Officers, Support Staff).

Programs and Services

In addition to the main John Zunino Jail Complex, Stockton Jail is also home to the Honor Farm Complex.

The Inmate Program Director currently oversees and administers the following inmate enrichment programs:

– Religious Services. Services are provided weekly. Individual pastoral meetings can be arranged. Bibles are available from the library.

– Library. There is a general library and a law library available to inmates, who can check out and return books and materials.

– Inmate Education. GED classes, Adult Diploma programs, Life Skills classes, Ownership/Re-Entry coursework and Office Technology/Job Readiness classes.

– Case Management. The case manager provides notary services, inmate marriage services and assistance to inmates and their loved ones.

– Recreation. In addition to the recreation yard, inmates can purchase entertainment materials. The Honor Yard also provides supervised group sports.

– Volunteer Program. The Sheriff’s Department welcomes volunteers from local agencies, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and the Salvation Army.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are provided at all three jail facilities (Jail Core, South Jail, Honor Farm). In general, each inmate can receive up to two 45-minute visits per week. Visiting groups can include 3 or less persons (including infants).

At Jail Core and South Jail, visiting hours are from 9am to 5pm Monday through Sunday. At Honor Farm, visiting hours are from 10:30am to 8pm Monday through Sunday. All three complexes are closed to visitors from 10:30am to 11:45am daily. Visits and conversations conducted through the jail telephone visiting system will be recorded.

All visitors must be in line to visit at least 30 minutes before their scheduled visiting time begins. Visitors must sign up at least 15 minutes before their scheduled visiting time begins.

Visitors will only be permitted one visit per day (regardless of which complex is visited) and must dress modestly and comply with all on-site guidelines regarding possessions, deportment and presentation of proper I.D.

Mail Delivery

Mail to inmates is received Monday through Friday and should be addressed as follows:

Inmate’s Name and Booking Number
San Joaquin County Jail or Honor Farm
999 West Mathews Rd.
French Camp, CA 95231

All mail can be searched at any time with good cause. Incoming mail will be searched before being delivered (legal mail will only be searched in the inmate’s presence). Inmates without financial means to afford stamps will receive two free stamps plus paper weekly. Legal mail can be sent without charge courtesy of the Inmate Welfare Fund.

Work Programs

Inmates that qualify may enroll in alternative-to-incarceration work programs. These include the following:

– Alternative to Incarceration (AWP).
– Work Furlough (WF).
– Home Detention by Electronic Monitoring (EMP).

Currently sentenced individuals (those out on bail or incarcerated) can apply for these programs. Approved individuals must abide by the program rules or risk being returned to jail.

Inmates may not receive cash or checks while incarcerated. Money can be deposited on their behalf into their account using the lobby kiosks.

Medical and Dental
Medical and dental services are provided Monday through Sunday at all complexes. Mental health and medication services may be subject to a co-pay fee.

Personal Possessions
Personal clothing and possessions will be confiscated upon booking and returned upon release.

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