Lodi Jail

221 W Pine Street , Lodi , CA, 95240
Lodi Jail
221 W Pine Street , Lodi , CA 95240
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Bail Bonds for Lodi Jail

Having a loved one in jail is never easy. Fortunately, however, if the person you care about is in the Lodi Jail, you will be happy to know that a Lodi bail bonds company is standing by to help.  The jail offers a variety of services and opportunities to help you stay in contact with your loved one and to help rehabilitate the offender if necessary.


First of all, one thing to keep in mind is that, though it may be difficult to have a person you love incarcerated, the Lodi Jail is providing a great service to the community. We are what is considered “a local detention facility” and simply do our job of retaining people after booking. All federal and state laws are followed when keeping the inmate in custody, and any suspected violation of these laws may be reported to the appropriate facilitator.

Our skilled police officers, who operate under all of the codes set in place by the California Department of Corrections, serve as jailers, bookers, and processors, ensuring that the charged are handled fairly and accordingly. This does sometimes mean that a shortage of staff may occur, as noted and explained below. However, these professionals make every effort to treat inmates fairly and according to the law.

Visiting Hours

If you would like to visit an inmate housed in the Lodi Jail, please be aware that our visiting hours are between 7am and 8:30am. Visits can last up to 15 minutes, and all prisoners are allowed one visit during the duration of their stay.

If you are a visitor of a Lodi Jail inmate, plan to enter our facility through the main jail entrance located at 215 W. Elm Street.

Please be sure to bear in mind that all visitors can be subjected to security checks. These may include:

  • Full pat-down searches
  • Warrant checks
  • Identity verification

We do allow for visitations of the children of the incarcerated so long as the child in question is accompanied by an adult. Furthermore, visits with children or adults are prohibited if the inmate is found to be combative/aggressive or intoxicated. These same rules also apply to visitors of the inmate.

It is also important to note that any visitors who attempt to bring prohibited items, such as weapons, into the jail will be arrested and prosecuted as the law allows.

Any special accommodations or unusual circumstances that may violate the aforementioned rules can be handled by the Jailer or Watch Commander as needed. Also bear in mind that visiting privileges can be restricted under certain circumstances, including:

  • Understaffed jail professionals
  • Medical conditions on the part of the inmate or visitor
  • Emergency situations

For these reasons, it is always advisable to contact a member of the jail staff before attempting to schedule or show up for a visit.

Mail Delivery

Mail can be delivered to inmates housed at the Lodi Jail facility. However, bear in mind that all mail is subjected to being opened and searched before delivery, which can cause a delay in delivery. If contraband items are sent through the mail, the sender can be subjected to both local and federal laws, which could result in criminal charges. Contraband items include things such as:

  • Weapons or items intended to be used as weapons
  • Description of crimes and/or instructions for committing crimes
  • Drugs or other illegal materials

The Lodi County Jail works hard to promote a safe environment for all inmates and visitors. Anyone who has questions about the jail or how it operates is expected to contact the county jail supervisor for more information. Bear in mind that all transmissions of information are considered public/state property.

Keeping this advice in mind can result in a much more positive experience when it comes to interacting with Lodi County Jail and its staff.

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