Yuba City Jail

1077 Civic Center Blvd, Yuba City , CA, 95993
Yuba City Jail
1077 Civic Center Blvd, Yuba City , CA 95993
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Yuba City Jail

The Yuba City Jail is located in Marysville, California on the northern side of the courthouse on Fifth Street. In addition to county prisoners, it houses Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) individuals as well. These are held on a contract basis in order to benefit the county financially. The county prisoner population comprises convicted inmates and those who are awaiting trial or sentencing.  If you or a loved one are awaiting trial, you should contact a good Yuba City bail bonds company.

Jail History

Originally built in 1962, the facility was renovated and expanded in the early 1990s. It can house a total of 428 inmates. The average daily population in 2006 was 374 prisoners, 160 of which were ICE contract prisoners.

The Yuba City Jail has assorted programs such as medical, exercise, visiting, kitchen, commissary, recreation and inmate classification. Convicts have access to a law library and can participate in inmate education. Jail officials also oversee weekender, work and work furlough programs. All operate under the procedures according to Title 15 of the California Code of Regulations.


Emphasis is given on providing rehabilitative services such as vocational training courses. These allow participants to learn construction skills, janitorial services and life abilities. Other programs include anger and stress management, general education, and drug and alcohol counseling.

In order for inmates to be able to uphold their social relationships with friends and family members, the Yuba City Jail has a visitation policy. All visits take place in the facility’s basement. Visitors can access the lobby via elevator and stairwell. Handicapped access is available. Visiting hours take place seven days a week and are determined according to the inmate’s cell assignment. Since the agenda is extensive, refer to the visiting schedule pdf file on the Yuba County Sherrif’s Department website to determine appropriate time slots. Schedules are also posted in the inmate housing and central control lobbies.

Visitors are required to arrive prior to the appointed visitation start time and must register with the appropriate clerk before the visiting period begins. Since visiting slots are limited, anyone who arrives after the start of the period might not get to enjoy the entirety of the visitation span.

Family members and friends of the incarcerated should not send personal mail to the jail’s street address. Instead, they are required to send inmate mail to P.O. Box 1031 in Marysville, CA 95901. There is no limit on the amount of letters a friend or relative may send, but incoming mail is subject to regulations and will be screened for contraband. Any items other than a single layer card, letter, wallet-sized photos or money will be returned to the sender. Unacceptable items include packages and any kind of mail that has derogatory notes or gang signs displayed. Incoming mail that does not have a return address will be handled according to postal guidelines.

Prisoners are not allowed to write to others within the jail, but they are permitted to write letters to friends and family members. If they have no money on their in-house accounts, they will be allotted two postage-free letters per week. Inmates are allowed to send limitless postage-free letters to the courts and their attorneys.

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