Sutter County Superior Courthouse

1175 Civic Center Blvd, Yuba City , CA, 95993
Sutter County Superior Courthouse
1175 Civic Center Blvd, Yuba City , CA 95993
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Sutter County Superior Courthouse

The new Yuba City Court that is also called the Sutter County Superior Court makes up the 58 Superior Courts in the State of California. The court is now housed in a new courthouse that opened on January 19th, 2016. Previously, it was in a historic building that has been standing since 1901 but did not provide sufficient security or space for the required uses. The building is at 1175 Civic Center Blvd, and covers 73,853-square feet with seven courthouses. With the construction now complete, the courthouse will provide efficient services with the public getting access to an improved justice system in the county. Individuals needing Yuba City bail bonds will often have their court dates scheduled at this courthouse. Both workers and the public will also benefit from a building with better security.

Court Divisions

Five judges are elected to serve the County of Sutter, each for a six-year term. The governor has the mandate to appoint new judges in a case where a vacancy is created before a term ends.

There are nine divisions in the Yuba City Court. The appeal division handles appeals to different types of cases including civil cases (limited or unlimited), traffic violations, felonies, misdemeanors, small claims, and juvenile matters. There is the civil division that deals with lawsuits and dispute resolutions between private individuals, businesses, and other entities. The collection category handles cases of people who have failed to pay fines. Criminal charges against a person are presented in the Criminal Court, which is another section of the Sutter County Superior Court. The Family Court is responsible for cases of spousal support, guardianship/adoption, child custody and visitation, separation, dissolution of marriage, as well as child support and probate.

The juvenile division deals with cases involving minors on matters such as emancipation, dependency, and delinquency. Then there is the Probate section that is responsible for administering estates and distributing property in accordance with a person’s last will. The Small Claims division handles simple disputes where partite don’t need legal representation, making them quick and cheap. Offenses and infractions that violate traffic laws are handled by the Traffic Division of the Sutter County Superior Court.

Online Services

As with most courthouses in this day and age, the superior court of Sutter County provides various online services that make it less taxing for county residents to get what they need. For one, it is possible for people to check their jury duty status that will allow them to make the necessary preparations. An individual who intends to get mediation can schedule one by visiting the online portal of the courthouse. Before arranging mediation, though, a person must first go through the mediation orientation, and that too is available as an online service. The payment of fines is also possible online, making it incredibly convenient and also reducing the risks of late payment.

The online portal of the Sutter County Superior Court also allows residents to find DMV-approved traffic schools, thereby, saving time and resources. Various forms and filings are available for download on the court’s website. Whether an individual is requesting permission, traffic school attendance, adoption research, or wants an Ex Parte Declaration of notice, the forms are readily available online. Bail and fee schedules are also posted on the internet portal for the convenience of county residents.


Finding the right help when in a legal predicament is not always straightforward, and access to information become quite helpful. The court makes this possible by providing a self-help center on the website. Individuals who need information on a wide range of cases such as child support, parentage, family law, or domestic violence can get it. However, this should not be taken as legal advice since it is only but a guideline to make processes less complicated. For instance, if a person wants to know how to calculate child support of file for a restraining order, this is the place that has the answers. The self-help center has staff members who inform people of their legal rights.


The facilities in the superior court of Sutter County come equipped with accommodation for persons with disabilities. If an individual needs additional accommodation for sign language interpreters or assistive listening devices, the court must receive notice, usually within five days. An individual can contact the court directly by phone or fill in a form to make a request for extra accommodation. The facilities allow service dogs as well.

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