Marysville Jail

720 Yuba Street , Marysville, CA, 95901
Marysville Jail
720 Yuba Street , Marysville, CA 95901
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Bail Bonds For Marysville Jail (Yuba County Jail)

The Marysville Jail, also known as the Yuba County Jail, is located on 215 5th st., Suite #150 in Marysville, CA. The Jail Division is in charge of the Yuba County Jail and provides jail spaces that inmates are sent to. Individuals in the jail often work closely with a Marysville bail bonds company if they have been granted bail. These jails provide programs that inmates can use during their time in jail. The programs are designed as a means to further current and ongoing rehabilitation. Those that are sentenced are kept within the prison before and after their sentencing and up until their trials. As of this moment, the jail has a maximum capacity of 428 prisoners. The total amount of prisoners are comprised of two separate groups, standard prisoners and ICE prisoners. ICE prisoners are those that have been detained as a part of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Services and Hours

Business hours for the Marysville Jail are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM on Mondays Through Fridays, though visiting hours are determined specifically by the cell assignment of each individual inmate. The phone number for the jail is (530) 749-7777(530) 749-7777. This number can be contacted during the business hours mentioned previously. There are a number of services available to prisoners within this jail. The primary of these is the Work Furlough Program. This program allows certain inmates to continue working at the jobs that they have outside of prison, so long as they qualify for a number of criteria. This allows them to still earn a wage while they are awaiting their trials. To be considered for a work furlough program, the inmate must be deemed responsible in many areas, which is determined by looking at work history, consistency of work attendance, how long the person has held a job and their total criminal record.

Inmates also have access to a variety of other services. Inmates that have not yet earned their G.E.D. can take the G.E.D. program that will allow them to do so. Another of these programs is known as the Life Skills program. This service is designed to teach inmates how to live after they are released, giving them the tools necessary to read and write, as well as fill out job applications and learning how to conduct themselves when at a job interview. Those within the county jail also have access to a service that allows them to fill out an absentee ballot and vote during elections. Certain inmates can even sign up and attend a janitorial class. This class provides a Certification of Parcipitation to inmates that have spent enough time working within the program as a means of training to gain enough expertise to work within the janitorial field. Alcohol and drug counseling is offered to inmates that require such services as well.

Visiting Rules and Mail Delivery

For anyone that wants to send mail to an inmate within the Yuba County Jail, it’s possible to do so by addressing the mail to P.O. Box 1031 Marysville, California 95901. You can send any number of letters that you want to an inmate, though these letters cannot contain any type of markings that can be attributed to gangs or derogatory language. If you want to visit an inmate within the jail, there are a number of visiting rules to abide by. The most important of these is that inmates are allowed two visitations per week, with one of them having to be on Saturday or Sunday. Identification will also be required and anyone under the age of 18 will not be able to visit without an adult with them.

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