Oroville Jail

5 Gillick Way , Oroville , CA, 95965
Oroville Jail
5 Gillick Way , Oroville , CA 95965
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Oroville Jail

The Butte County Jail in Oroville, California is a 614 bed county jail operated by the Butte County Corrections Division. It is largest jail in the state north of Sacramento and holds 580 inmates on an average day.  Often, individuals will be working with an Oroville bail bonds company after they’ve been arrested while waiting for their court date to try and avoid incarceration at the Oroville jail.

Oroville Jail (Butte County Jail)

The jail includes support divisions, including chaplains, counselors, the Sheriff’s Road Crew, Medical Unit, Gang Unit, transportation services and food and laundry services. In turn, the Oroville Jail Butte County Jail is a component of the overall Corrections Division program, which also includes the Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program, allowing offenders to work in the community in lieu of jail time, and the Alternative Custody Supervision program, allowing low-risk offenders to live at home while being electronically monitored. A Day Reporting Center is also in operation, where released offenders receive support to reduce their rate of recidivism.

Inmates may be contacted by mail by writing to:
(Inmate name)
35 County Center Drive
Oroville, Ca. 95965

The Secure Mail system may also be used for sending e-mail to an inmate.

Outgoing telephone service is available between 10 am and 10 pm daily to allow inmates to make collect calls. No incoming calls are allowed and no messages will be taken for inmates.

Anyone who receives a call from the Oroville Jail Butte County Jail has the option to block their phone from receiving these calls. Using this option will block all calls from the jail, not just inmate calls.

Each inmate is allowed two visits per week of 45 minutes each. The visiting schedule is available for download. However, the jail now has video visitation available with no weekly limit.

Inmates may receive magazines, paperback books or newspapers only if they are sent directly from the publisher. No hard cover books, stamps, envelopes or other packages will be accepted.

Inmates are allowed to spend $80 a week on Commissary items. The money must be in their account before 4:00pm on Sunday evening. They are allowed to buy stamps, paper, hygiene items and snacks.

There are two ways that the public may deposit money into an inmate’s account for use within the jail. The jail lobby kiosk is available for deposits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Deposits to a maximum of $300 in any 24 hour period may also be made through the Access Corrections website. Money orders for an inmate account are no longer accepted, either in person or by mail.

Regarding bail, the jail accepts only cash, money orders, cashier’s checks or a bond from a licensed Bail Bondsman. Cashier’s checks and money orders should be made out to the specific court which authorized the bail.

The general public can register with VINE to receive custody status updates on offenders and court case changes.

Prescription medications intended for inmates may be taken to the jail office for verification, and then will be dispensed by the jail’s Medical Unit.

Clothing is not accepted for inmates. The only exception is for jury trial clothes approved by the appropriate court.

Convicted felons are NOT allowed on the jail premises without prior written permission of the Jail Administrator.

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