Corte de Marysville

714 10th St, , Marysville, CA, 95901
Corte de Marysville
714 10th St, , Marysville, CA 95901
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Corte de Marysville

Residents of Marysville, CA should know where the courthouse is so they can take care of any business when they need to.  It is also helpful to know a good Marysville bail bonds office in case you should ever their services. Sadly, most people don’t know what is going on, and they will often struggle to find a local courthouse when they need to go to one. With this in mind, here is a short guide about the Yuba Superior Court location.

Marysville Courthouse (Yuba County Superior Court)

The Marysville court is located in the middle of Marysville, CA on Fifth Street. People can access the courthouse by walking up to the front door from plenty of street parking. Of course, there are days where a person can’t park in front of the courthouse, and it’s wise for a person to check this out before heading in. furthermore, parking is limited to two hours, and one can get a ticket if they stay too long. To get around this, one should head to the municipal parking lot a block south at the intersection of 4th and C Streets. To get the courthouse on the phone, one can call (530) 749-7600(530) 749-7600. If one calls during business hours, they can talk to a person who can help them find the courthouse.


Without a doubt, when going to court, people are going to get lost as there are so many divisions. This is true with the Yuba Superior Court as one can see the size of the building. Fortunately, when in the building, one can get directions and help if they need to find a department. Not only that, when heading to a department, a person can get all the information he or she needs. With everything from civil, to criminal court and everything in between, one can get what they need when visitMing this courthouse.


If a person shows up to court, he or she must dress well. While one doesn’t’ have to overdress, they must wear a nice pair of shoes and clean clothes. Otherwise, the judges will look down on people. This is true whether going to civil or criminal court. However, try to tone it down and avoid large belt buckles as one will have to pass through a metal detector, and they will slow down the line if they dot dress in the right clothes.

Be prepared

While the courthouse is not fun, one can have a better time if they are ready for the day. Think about it, when in court, one will have to wait for long motions and a lot of things that are out of their control. So, remember, when heading to the courthouse here at the Marysville Courthouse, one should bring a tablet, book or other form of entertainment. Then, one can avoid boredom. But, don’t whip these out while in court as the judge will not take kindly to this.

When going to the courthouse, one can better prepare for their trip with this information. Luckily, when doing so, it’s easy to have a better experience and avoid common problems others face while at the courthouse.

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