Woodland Court

725 Court Street, Room 103, Woodland, CA, 95695
Woodland Court
725 Court Street, Room 103, Woodland, CA 95695
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Woodland Court

Woodland Court is the superior court for the county of Yolo. The current Presiding Judge is the Hon. David Rosenberg. The current Court Executive Officer is Shawn C. Landry. The court itself is situated at 1000 Main St., Woodland, CA, 95695. This court follows all state statutes that are applicable, as well as the California Rules of Court. They offer a wide selection of services and try cases in several different areas of law.  If you are awaiting trial at this court, you will want to contact a good Woodland Bail Bonds company.

There are a myriad of services available at this court. The ADA, or Americans With Disabilities, allows for requests for accommodations by anyone that is suffering from a disability. A request must be made to the Supreme Court, Court Services Division at least five days before the implementation date, though this can also be waived if necessary. As with most courts, they offer a selection of appeals services. Each of these services come with fees if the appeal is filed. 2200There are timelines to file a notice of appeal that everyone should be aware of. The appeal must be filed within sixty days following the judgment for both a felony criminal and unlimited civil charge. The appeal timeline drops to 30 days if the charge is a misdemeanor criminal or limited civil.

Court reporters are available in all felony and juvenile cases. It’s possible to request a court reporter for civil trials or hearings by sending a request and any applicable fees to Superior Court of California County of Yolo, Attn: Court Services/ Reporter Request, 1000 Main Street, Woodland, CA 95695. This request must be made at least five court days before the trial or hearing date. The fees for a court reporter are $150.00 for a half day and $300.00 for a full day.

For anyone that doesn’t speak English and requires the aid of an interpreter, the court offers interpreters for all cases involving Criminal, Traffic, Juvenile, Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, Unlawful Detainers, Guardianship and Conservatorships. A request for an interpreter must be made 3 days in advance if Spanish is the spoken language and five days in advance for any other language. It’s also possible for the defendant to bring along their own interpreter. The court will notify the litigant if an interpreter is not available at this time. In accordance with the ADA, a sign language interpreter may also be requested by sending a request to the Interpreter Coordinator at 1000 Main Street, Woodland, CA 95695, (530) 406-6708.

The court tries cases in a variety of divisions. These divisions include Civil, Collections, Criminal, Family, Juvenile, Small Claims and Traffic. Any case that falls under these categories will be handled at Woodland Court.

Fee Waiver

The Statewide Fee Schedule at Woodland Court allows for a fee waiver in some instances. Litigants that meet the limitations for statutory income could be eligible for a waiver that will erase any court fees. A request for this waiver will need to be made to the court alongside the very first document that’s presented for filing within a case. A judge will look over the waiver request and determine whether or not the litigant has the right for this waiver. No matter the decision, the judge will sign the waiver and either decline or accept it. This process can also be handled by a clerk in some cases.

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