Sacramento Court

720 9th St, Sacramento , CA, 95814
Sacramento Court
720 9th St, Sacramento , CA 95814
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Sacramento Court

The Sacramento County Superior Court is the component of the California judicial system serving the county of the same name. The county court system in Sacramento is served by over 60 judges presiding in five different courthouses.  If you are awaiting trial, you should contact a trustworthy Sacramento Bail Bonds company.

Sacramento County Superior Court

The main courthouse serving Sacramento County is the Gordon D. Schaber Courthouse, located in downtown Sacramento. The main courthouse maintains the primary trial courtrooms as well as the administrative offices for the Sacramento County judicial system. This courthouse is the primary processing center for civil and criminal cases filed within Sacramento County.

William R. Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse

The second courthouse serving Sacramento County is the William R. Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse. The focus of this judicial center is on the full spectrum of family law, probate and juvenile dependency cases. These include divorce and custody proceedings, adoptions, estates as well as cases involving children in need of care.

Carol Miller Justice Center

The Carol Miller Justice Center is designed for traffic, small claims and unlawful detainer (or eviction cases). Because of the nature of the cases filed and pursued at the Carol Miller Justice Center, it is perhaps the busiest courthouse in the county.

Juvenile Courthouse

The Juvenile Courthouse is designed for all proceedings involving juveniles charged with unlawful offenses. Technically speaking, a minor is adjudicated as an offender as opposed to being convicted of a crime.

Lorenzo Patiño Hall of Justice

The Lorenzo Patiño Hall of Justice is the courthouse designed to handle criminal cases in Sacramento County. Keep in mind that some criminal trials are conducted in the main courthouse. Generally speaking, all of the preliminary proceedings in criminal cases, as well as many trials, are conducted in the Lorenzo Patiño Hall of Justice.


Due to the high caseload in Sacramento County, commissioners exist to aid judges in dealing with cases. commissioners oftentimes are compared to U.S. Magistrates in the federal court system. In basic terms, commissioners perform some duties that normally would be undertaken by a judge.

Examples of the tasks undertaken by commissioners include presiding over traffic and criminal misdemeanor cases. In addition, commissioners also preside over certain types of proceedings in family law, juvenile and criminal felony cases. For example, a commissioner can preside over preliminary proceedings in felony criminal cases, child support hearings in family law cases and different types of proceedings in juvenile adjudications.

Forms for People Without Legal Representation

Although the Sacramento County Superior Court and its staff members are prohibited from providing any type of legal advice, the court does maintain forms available for use by people who are not represented by legal counsel in matters pending before the court. These forms can be accessed through the court’s website.

Court Fees

As is the case in court systems throughout the United States, the Sacramento Court does assess certain fees to people seeking to access the court. For example, if a person wants to file for divorce or to pursue a small claims case, the court establishes a specific fee. As is the case with approved forms for use in the court, a fee schedule is available for people through the court’s website.

e-Filing Services

People not represented by attorneys can now take advantaged of the court’s e-filing services in regard to two specific types of cases. A person can e-file small claims and eviction cases in Sacramento County at this time. The e-file system is accessed through the court’s website.

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