Woodland Jail

140A Tony Diaz Dr , Woodland, CA, 95776
Woodland Jail
140A Tony Diaz Dr , Woodland, CA 95776
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Woodland Jail

Woodland, California is located approximately 15 miles northwest of Sacramento and is the county seat for Yolo County.

The Woodland City police force has jurisdiction over the town of 57,000. The Yolo County Sheriff’s office is also located in Woodland.

Jail Facility

The Woodland Jail is a low security correctional facility where inmates are housed either together in dormitory type rooms or in cubicles.

The jail facility is used by the jurisdictions of Woodland to house inmates for short periods of time. Usually the inmates are awaiting trial or are going through processing. If you or a loved one are awaiting trial, you should contact a good Woodland Bail Bonds company.

If an inmate is found guilty at their trial and sentenced to a term of incarceration, the prisoner is transported from the Woodland jail to a permanent facility to serve out their term.

Since the inmates only stay for short period, the jail is fairly barren and has fewer amenities than a prison. They do have bathroom facilities and are served regular meal for the length of their stay.

In some cases, where inmates have a long pretrial wait, the jailers provide programs and training that will help the inmate rehabilitate so they can get their lives back on track after the term of incarceration ends.

Because the jail is designated as a low-security facility, the staff to inmate ratio is much lower than at a medium or high security jail or prison.


Also known as the Monroe Detention Center, the facility is located at 140 Tony Diaz Drive in Woodland. The phone number is (530) 668-5245.

Visiting Hours

All jail visitations are made by appointment only. To make appointment, call Monroe Records at (530) 668- 5245.

Because visiting hours are regulated by the degree and the level of incarceration each inmate is being held under, you must call the number above to determine the days and times of allowable visitation for each inmate.

Family visits are only allowed on Mondays. They are divided up into four segments depending on the classification of each inmate. Call the jail ahead of time to determine which Monday of the month your inmate’s visitation falls on.

Clothing Considered Unacceptable for Jail Visits

No one will be allowed to visit inmates if they wear any of the following clothing:

1. Tube tops, tank tops, sleeveless garments.
2. Bike shorts (Spandex) or skimpy shorts
3. Swim suits
4. Mini skirts
5. Clothing made of a see-through fabric that reveals undergarments
6. Hats, gloves, or scarves.
7. Any metal objects. You will not be allowed to visit if you fail to clear the metal detector.
8. Any clothing with obscene language, offensive designs or gang affiliation

Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times and must clear the metal detector.

Mail Privileges

The mail policy at the jail is designed to monitor the mail going out from the jail and coming in. The jail follows all U.S. Postal Service regulations. All written correspondence is handled in an efficient and humane manner with the safety and security of the staff and inmates in mind.

All incoming mail is inspected on a daily basis. Mail that is deemed acceptable is forwarded to the inmates in a timely manner. Mail that has been inspected and judged unacceptable will be returned to the sender.

All incoming mail must include the following information on the front of the letter or package:

1. Return name and return address.
2. First name initial is okay, but gang monikers are not acceptable.
3. The inmate’s complete name (first and last) that was used at time of booking must be used for the mailing.

There is no limit to the total amount of acceptable mail an inmate may receive during the course of their stay, but an inmate can only have three books at one time. The jail also follows State Fire regulations as to the total volume of paperwork an inmate may have in their cell at any one time.

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