Solano County Bail Schedule

The Solano County Bail Schedule was created by the superior court judges. The Solano County Bail Schedule is reviewed and revised annually. The Solano County Bail Schedule provides specific, detailed information about the amount of bonds associated with different types of criminal charges brought in Solano County. As a side note, because the bond schedule is reviewed and potentially revised each year by the superior court, it is important that a person dealing with a bond related issue ensures that he or she has the most recent version of the document.

Benefits of the Solano County Bail Schedule

One of the primary benefits associated with the Solano County Bail Schedule is that it allows a person charged with an offense and a bail bond service the ability to post a bong quicker than would be the case in the absence of this type of structure. Indeed, because of the bail schedule, a person arrested in Solano County many times is able to bond out of jail within a matter of a few hours, rather than a more extended period of time. The bond schedule works to better ensure that a person who has been arrested does not have a massive disruption of his or her life. For example, a person likely will be able to avoid missing work (or at least minimizing the amount of work missed) in the aftermath of an arrest thanks to the bond schedule.

Bond Schedule Amounts

In basic terms, schedule establishes bond amounts based on the length of a potential sentence associated with a particular crime. For example, if the crime is a felony and calls for a maximum sentence of three years, the total presumptive bond amount is $15,000. If the total maximum sentence in a felony case is 16 years, the bond is $180,000.

There is a similar schedule of bond amounts for misdemeanors as well. For example, if the maximum sentence in a misdemeanor is 90 days, the presumptive bond amount is $1,600. If the maximum sentence is a year, the presumptive bond is $5,000.

Calculating a Bond Amount

In addition to listing specific bond amounts for individual crimes, the Solano County Bail Schedule also provides resources to aid in calculating the total amount of bail necessary when an individual is charged with more than one offense. For example, according to the bond schedule, if a person is charges with multiple crimes arising from the same course of criminal conduct, typically the amount of bail needed to be posted will be the bond amount associated with the most serious crime.

If a person is charged with multiple crimes arising from different courses of conduct, that individual likely will face a more significant bond amount. For example, if there are crimes stemming from two separate courses of conduct, the bond schedule indicates that the total bail necessary to win the release of a person pending trial will be the combined amount of the bond needed for the most serious offense associated with each of the two separate courses of conduct.
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