Fresno County Bail Schedule

Regardless of what walk of life one is pursuing, it is important for all American citizens to understand what a bail schedule is, what it means for criminals, and what impact it may have on the life of someone else who is attempting to post bail for a friend or family member.

What is a Bail Schedule

A bail schedule is a list of facts and figures that every judge uses when determining how much bail is required for someone to post if they want to get out of jail until their appointed court date. A bail schedule gives a specific amount that a person must pay in correlation with a specific crime.

A county, state, or federal court system determines what amount of bail should be required for each and every different kind of crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, and each of those amounts is then put beside their corresponding crime in what is known as a bail schedule so that a judge can have easy access to the typical bail amount.

With that said, the bail amount posted on the bail schedule isn’t always the same as what a defendant has to pay to post bail. With a good lawyer or bail bond agency on one’s side, the amount of bail that is normally required can often be shrunk down to 10% or 20% of the total.

Once a person has posted bail, they are allowed to leave jail until their trial date. If they show up on their trial date, they are then refunded their bail payment. However, in some cases, bail payments are not allowed because certain criminals may try to escape before their trial date regardless of the loss of finances that he or she may incur if that happens.

Actual Bail Amounts

Fresno County’s Bail Schedule, surprisingly enough, does not have any crimes listed which will automatically be refused bail. As was mentioned above, a bail schedule is created on a county-by-county basis; however, it is very normal for most counties to prohibit bail concerning certain criminal offenses.

Still, it is always within the judge’s power to refuse bail to any defendant who the judge is afraid will flee, so having bail prohibitions listed on Fresno County’s bail schedule isn’t absolutely necessary.

Among the big-ticket crimes out there, Fresno County charges a hefty $1 million for anyone who commits murder, as well as for anyone who explodes a destructive device that leads to the death of another person. However, begging only requires a measly $25 dollar bail (which is probably a good thing considering the circumstance in the first place), and failure to disperse upon lawful command will only run a person $50 in bail.

It is important for one to understand bail. Bail means freedom, at least for a short while, and that time can be used to prepare a defense before one has to return to court.
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