What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

Your heart is racing, you can’t quite seem to catch your breath, you feel as though you’re hyperventilating, and have just come to the realization that you had just been in a car accident; which is, potentially, your number one, worst, nightmare.

Alas, thankfully, you’ve realized that you are very much alive, well intact, and are slowly regaining control over your emotions that are running rampant. Which is natural. However, regardless of the severity of your emotional whirlwind, or physical injuries, there are several things that you need to keep in mind, upon recollecting it at the expense of your car accident.

Often, people think of lawyers and bail bondsmen when they’ve been in an accident. ¬†These people may also be very helpful when dealing with a car accident.

1.) Remain at the Scene of the Crash

Seems a bit obvious, trite, or perhaps a bit redundant when considering the obvious; however, it is vitally important that you remain at the scene of the accident, that is until it is appropriate to assume your leave. Why? There is a slew of reasons, although the most severe being the possibility of facing severe criminal charges for being a hit-and-run driver; especially when there was a serious injury, or death, at the expense of the accident.

2.) Ensure That All Drivers and Passengers Are Safe

Upon ensuring that you, yourself, are okay, and before assessing any damage of property or value, ensure that the others involved in the accident, whether they are drivers or passengers, are alright. However, it should be noted, with emphasis, that if you come across a victim of the accident who is exhibiting symptoms of either back, or neck, pain, or if they are unconscious, you should refrain from moving them until a qualified health care provider, or medical help arrives. Moving someone who is exhibiting such symptoms could be terribly detrimental to their well-being or health.

3.) Contact the Authorities

In the event that significant property damage, or death, occurs, you need to promptly alert the authorities of the accident that just transpired. Upon their arrival, be sure to request that a police report is filed, and write down the name, and badge numbers, of the responding officers to the scene.

4.) Exchange Information with Those Involved

All relevant information, including names, phone numbers, street addresses, insurance information, etc., should be exchanged by all parties involved in the car accident; however, when doing so, please be sure to remain cordial, kind, and respectful; for, it was a traumatic experience for everyone involved. Although, upon approaching the other attributing parties, refrain from admitting guilt, intentionally, or unintentionally.

5.) Converse with Witnesses

Be sure to find the witness and converse with them about what they saw, from their perspective, and make a report of their testimony.

6.) Take Photographs

Be sure to take photographs of the damage, of which your vehicle endured as a result of the accident, promptly afterward. Photos aid your insurance provider with respect to determining how much you should be financially compensated, as well as aid you in court. Photographs of your car, taken prior to the accident, can also provide a quality comparison, and accurately depict the significance of the damage as a result of the car accident.

7.) Exercise Caution When Discussing the Incident

Unfortunately, conversing about the subject matter of the car accident can actually be quite detrimental to your cause. Therefore, it is highly encouraged that you absolutely refrain from conversing about the matter with anyone other than your attorney, your insurance company, or the police. If you are called by the other insurance companies, those of your accidental counterparts, be sure to be cordial and kind; however, you should kindly ask them to either call your insurance company, or your attorney.

8.) Consider Hiring an Attorney

In the event that a serious injury occurred during the accident, it would, most likely, be best to consult an experienced attorney, who is highly knowledgeable with respect to motor vehicle accidents. For, an attorney can either augment your recovery or offer the defense for your faults. On a positive note, however, these accident attorneys often don’t receive payment unless you are awarded, or receive a settlement.

In the event you find yourself in the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident, don’t panic, and be sure to adhere to these steps to alleviate the strain.
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